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The Shady Alien Dealer was one of the two NPC quest exchangers that gave away the purchasable Prototype X-2 during the second re-release of the Prototypes for 5 Million Credits, 1 Weapons Part, and 1 Alien Device. The Shady Alien Dealer is similar to the Kneall Harbor Master as the NPC is able to give the powerful Super Capital Ship in exchange for Credits and materials. Unlike the Kneall Harbor Master however, there is no official affiliation for which faction the Shady Alien Dealer represents and can only be assumed to have illegally obtained digital blueprints for the Prototype X-2.

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Just like with the Shady Dealer, the Shady Alien Dealer can be found somewhere in Myriad III through a teleporter in the Mega Base (left door of the Alien Embassy). The teleporter itself becomes active after Myriad III is upgraded to Starbase level 3.

Quest Dialogue

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  • Just like with the Shady Dealer, if you attempt to scam the Shady Alien Dealer for the Prototype X-2 without enough of the needed Credits and materials, you will not only be denied access to obtaining the ship, but your materials WILL be taken out of your Warehouse.
  • 1 Weapons Part costs up to 1.2 Million Credits worth of Uranium (30500 to be exact), and will fill up a level 30 Warehouse.