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The ShieldSide is a non-pilotable Fighter unique to the Subjugator. It acts as a physical auxiliary shield and is useful for tanking kinetic weaponry.


The ShieldSide's primary purpose as implied in the name; is to act as a static, physical shield on the Subjugator. It's fairly large in size, but is only really effective against incoming turret firepower from the sides. Two of these come equipped on the Subjugator, have a blue color, are curved, and have hexagonal textures on themselves.


  • Highest health out of all Fighter-class ships.
  • Incredibly effective at tanking kinetic weaponry.
  • Large size allows it to function well as a shield for the Subjugator.


  • Incredibly weak to anti-shield weaponry, not to mention ships with very high alpha damage are almost able to wipe this ship out in a single volley due to the complete lack of damage resistance.
  • Cannot be piloted, both by players and AI, so the weaponry this ship is equipped with is useless.
  • Only is effective at tanking against Turret firepower; Spinal Weaponry passes right through the shields as if they're not there.


  • On the Subjugator, make sure to broadside to use this ship effectively as a shield.

Version History

  • Health changed from unknown amount(please add former shield health amount) to 9,500/1 Shield/Hull HP in unknown version(please add version when possible).


  • The first ship of its type to be introduced into the game, and also unique in that it is the only Fighter unable to be piloted.
  • There used to be a ShieldFront counterpart to this ship on the Subjugator, but it was removed from that ship. It was similar to this ship, except that it had a smaller profile.