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The ShieldSide is a "Fighter" found on each side of the Subjugator.


The ShieldSide's primary purpose as implied in the name; is to act as a static, physical shield on the Subjugator. It's fairly large in size, but is only really effective against incoming turret firepower from the sides.


The ShieldSide looks like its, name, a Shield, with 2 equipped on each side of the Subjugator. The ShieldSide is extremely long, almost spanning length of the Subjugator. It is curved, with a blue-ish color and has hexagonal textures on themselves.


  • Highest health out of all Fighter-class ships.
  • Incredibly effective at tanking kinetic weaponry.
  • Large size allows it to function well as a shield for the Subjugator.
  • Acts as an expendable health for the already extremely high health of the Subjugator.


  • Incredibly weak to anti-shield weaponry, not to mention ships with very high alpha damage are able to wipe this shield out in a single volley.
  • Due to being a "Fighter"-class ship, the shields have 0% Damage resistance.
  • Only is effective at tanking against Turret firepower; Spinal Weaponry passes right through the shields as if they're not there.
  • Can block turret line of sight of the Subjugator at some firing angles.
  • Doesn't cover the entirety of the Subjugator's sides, as it falls short of covering the far ends (the front and rear of the ship on each side respectively).


  • Position your Subjugator well in order to make full use of the ShieldSides, as they act as expendable health.
  • Always face the enemy at your sides in order to use these well.
  • It is better to use this to tank against Capital Ships rather than swarms, because swarms rely on spinals to do damage, which ShieldSide cannot protect Subjugator from.

Version History

  • Health changed from unknown amount(please add former shield health amount) to 9,500/1 Shield/Hull HP in unknown version(please add version when possible).
  • 9,500 changed to 8,500 Shields in an unknown version.


  • Due to it being a Fighter, it can re-spawn, or rather "Regenerate" after a period of time.
  • The only "Fighter" that is present on a Super Capital Ship.
  • The first ship of its type to be introduced into the game, and also unique in that it is the only Fighter unable to be piloted.
  • Despite having spinals, the ShieldSide cannot be piloted, making them useless.
  • There used to be a ShieldFront counterpart to this ship on the Subjugator, but it was removed from that ship. It was similar to this ship, except that it had a smaller profile.
  • The UNE Subjugator lacks both of these in each sides of the ship, unlike its playable counterpart.