Ship Stereo System Gamepass

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Only the most Die-Hard Galaxy fans will ever have this Epic item. Once you have this you can use the :music command to blast whatever song or song list you want out of your ship. (Must be a Roblox Song ID). It currently costs 2500 Robux.

Cost and Bonuses

The Ship Stereo System Gamepass currently costs 2500 robux. In addition to being able to play literally a lot of music tracks in game, players who own the gamepass will also receive a special role on discord with proper verification; the Stereo role, if you will, and a in-game chat tag colored orange and called [STEREO], if the person also has the VIP Gamepass, the in-game chat tag will be called [VIP|STEREO] instead.


For an unknown reason, the Stereo Gamepass may cut off songs early, this currently needs to be looked into and may be fixed in the future.

  • The main reason for the music cutting off is mainly caused by spinning the camera or using Warp Drive.

Criticism (Opinion)

From Dead Memes to Anime, the gamepass is abused too much if bought due to some people playing a certain music that is annoying (e.g. Mogolovonio, Bass Boosted audio)