Ship Stereo System Gamepass

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The Ship Stereo System Gamepass is a retired Gamepass that is no longer obtainable. If you own the Gamepass and have a ship spawned you can use the /music command to play any song (Must be a Roblox Song ID) with your ship as the audio source.


The Ship Stereo System Gamepass is a now retired gamepass that costed 2500 Robux. In addition to being able to play Roblox song IDs in-game using the /music command, players who own the Gamepass will receive the [STEREO] chat tag in-game, and the Stereo role on the Galaxy Discord (after proper verification). if the player also has the VIP Gamepass, the in-game chat tag will be [VIP|STEREO] instead.


Dev Advisors, Admins, Developers, Yname and Rcouret have the ability to use the /music command without owning the Ship Stereo System Gamepass.