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The Sixfold is a uniquely shaped Cruiser with high firepower but low health.


The Sixfold's signature appearance and the name come from the six wings attached to its main body that hold turrets and thrusters for the ship. It has two prominent rotary cannons attached to the sides of the bridge.


The Sixfold has no interior, instead has a cockpit with glass that can be walked through. The sixfold has 6 wings on the sides of its body, hence it's name. The Sixfold has 5 engines, all with a blue trail except for the middle one, which has a orange trail. There is multiple glowing tubes going from the center body to the pods that house the engines. At the front of the Sixfold, there is 4 pairs of guns, which the spinals come out from.



  • Little health.
  • Very large, allowing it to be easily hit and torn apart by weapons from larger ships, such as Dreadnoughts and Battleships.
  • Subpar damage to Shields.
  • Expensive.


  • Even though it is large, it can dodge enemy Turrets easily at a distance because of its mobility.
  • It excels against small ships with its small Turret firepower. You can even hit with the Spinal cannons if you are traveling in the same direction and aim carefully.
  • A good choice for Pirates as it offers all-around turret firepower and powerful Spinal firepower.
  • It can be used effectively during a siege as a support and distraction craft.
  • Use its Spinals against bigger or slower ships to deal with massive hull damage.
  • If you can form a pack of these, it is possible to take down a Starbase.

Version History

  • In update .62a? the ship got a remodel which added more decor, a second floor, and a bedroom.
  • Hull increased from 500 to 700 in version .68e.
  • Remodel in .76c13
  • Shield Bubble fixed .76d28


  • The old model was remade once before being added to the game.
  • The health and spinals used to be the opposite of the Lusso's.