Skeletal Ghostealis

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Skeletal Ghostealis is an event reskin of the Borealis that was released when the Halloween Event 2018 update came out.


The Skeletal Ghostealis is a reskin of the Borealis that carries unique long range Wraith Fighters, which are reskins of the Blitz.

This Carrier excels at Sieging and Siege support as it's fighters have long range torpedoes and the Carrier itself has enough turret firepower to act as a support.


The Skeletal Ghostealis is a long and tall carrier. Unlike the Borealis. this variant is translucent and has an orange and brown color palette. There are also skull ornaments decorating it's Skeletal Cannon and Laser turrets.

The Interior of the Skeletal Ghostealis is taken up entirely by the fighter bay. There are hallways connecting on each fighter hangar and the bridge is simply a pilot seat located in one end of the fighter bay, adjacent to a teleporter leading outside.


  • Large health pool.
  • Large amount of Long range, powerful Fighters.
  • Good Cargo Hold.
  • Has very high Turret firepower for a Carrier.
  • Good for sieges, as the fighters have long range torpedoes (9k Studs) and balanced damage.


  • Poor mobility.
  • Requires a high Warehouse level and has a very expensive material cost.
  • Unlike it's Regular counterpart, it costs more than the Nyx's Halloween Counterpart.
  • Unable to fire all it's turrets at once, at any direction the ship points.
  • Extremely large and easy to hit, especially from above or beside it.


  • Do not use this ship alone. If you do so, travel with a heavy escort that you can trust.
  • Use it's fighters for outranging Large Capital Ships and Sieging Starbases/Planets and as the torpedoes are long range.
  • If you have to fight, stay below the enemy so majority of your turrets can fire, and take down AA Ships with your turret firepower like the Ampharos and Hyron which can shred your Fighters.
  • Never use as your main ship. This is a high kill for Pirates.
  • NEVER use this ship for tanking damage. The rarity of it alone makes it a massive target.

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