Skeletal Ghostealis

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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Skeletal Ghostealis is an event reskin of the Borealis.


The Skeletal Ghostealis is a reskin of the Borealis. It was released October 19, 2018, when the Halloween Event 2018 update came out.


The interior of the Skeletal Ghostealis is taken up entirely by the fighter bay. There are hallways connecting on each fighter bays and the bridge is simply a Pilot seat located inside one of the fighter bays, adjacent to a teleporter leading to another floor.


  • Large healthpool.
  • Large amount of powerful Fighters.
  • Good Cargo Hold.
  • Has Very High Turret firepower.
  • Good for sieges, as the fighters deal high hull damage.



  • Do not use this ship alone.
  • If you have to travel out from your base, do so with a heavy escort.
  • Use it's fighters for destroying hulled Starbases and Large capital ships as the torpedoes deal high hull damage.
  • Never use as your main ship. This is a high kill for Pirates.
  • NEVER use this ship for tanking damage. The rarity of it alone makes it a massive target.
  • Use your higher Fighter count to your advantage if you must travel alone. If an enemy ship warps towards you, deploy your Fighters and leave.

Version History


  • Added for the Halloween Event 2018.
  • The Skeletal Ghostealis' Fighters are the only ones of their class to have trails.
  • The first person to lose a Skeletal Ghostealis was MegaVikron , to badman8564 with the help of players jay4444444444, dalencylo, sheat1, and meblock12.
  • Including upgrading the warehouse, it would have costed a WHOPPING 2,745,429 Credits, costing more than a Galaxy!
  • EvilPleeber119 screwed up and rereleased the Skeletal Ghostealis into the Build Menu when trying to disable the Borealis, when it became an Advanced Ship. It sold for about 600,000 credits.