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Also known as sugondese & sugon. Ex-Developer, ex-Administrator, Galaxypedia owner, well-known community member. Known for his infamous shitposting and trolling, also his part in galaxy drama and incidents.

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Sugon's announcement addressing the hate towards staff
Sugon's announcement regarding his departure from the community

Smallketchup82 joined Galaxy somewhere in 2017, where he mostly played on Galaxy Arcade. He has stated that his reasoning for playing Arcade instead of main Galaxy was because he spent most of his time as a kid at school, so he only had little playtime (like 3-4 hours) and didn't want to spend his time getting ships and would rather just spend his small amount of playtime battling other players and getting straight into the action. In early 2020, sugon said that he quit arcade after he was playing and his starbase was 10k studs away from mothership, and an opposing team decided to blow up mothership for no apparent reason. Sugon, knowing it would damage his base and be an overall stupid idea, asked them about their motive and they simply responded that they wanted to blow up mothership for the fun of it. This caused Sugon to get frustrated with the players of Galaxy Arcade and their lack of proper reasoning, to which he made a move to main Galaxy.

While starting out in main Galaxy, Sugon met someone called dhoney, whom he became good friends with. Together he and dhoney progressed through Galaxy. Sugon focused on collecting limiteds and dhoney focused on getting farther into the game. Sugon, not really liking to spend a lot of time on getting ships, decided to apply for the moderator position on the Galaxy Wiki, which he had a lot of edits on. He ended up getting accepted by SeanMorabito_YT and spent a lot of his time working on the wiki. Eventually, when Galaxy Gamma was released, both sugon and dhoney quit Galaxy. Sugon, not wanting to get back into playing Galaxy, asked for Wiki Administrator, which he was accepted for. He then went on to create the Galaxy Wiki Discord Bot, his biggest project at the time. Sean fell inactive and was not informed of Sugon's bot existing, when Sean returned he gave Sugon Wiki Bureaucrat for his efforts and went inactive again. Sugon then assumed the role of Head Staff in an effort to keep the Galaxy Wiki afloat. Sugon continued to develop the bot, edit the Galaxy Wiki, and manage the staff team. Sugon, who was already in the Galaxy Discord Server, decided he'd try to settle in with the community. He became active on the Galaxy Discord Server and the Galaxy Wiki. Eventually, Sugon was nominated for Moderator in the Galaxy Discord after Galaxy Player kyma77 told Sugon that he had a lot of potential and asked xUNE (a Galaxy Administrator at the time) to nominate Sugon for Moderator in the Galaxy Discord Server. Sugon accepted the invitation and became a Moderator alongside teentitansgohomee and yname, both of which became close friends with him. He also became friends with 1_Fast, who was the Admin Director for Galaxy at that time. Sugon became an Admin right as 1_Fast resigned and Rocket_GotG got appointed as the new Admin Director. He was demoted from Admin after promoting a random galaxy community member to trial mod as a joke. He had prior helped with an NSFW Fanfiction between him and Rocket_GotG as a joke and streamed himself reading it in a Galaxy Voice Channel, which was also another reason for his demotion. After Sugon's demotion from admin, the events of the Enigma Cache Incident occurred, in which Sugon played a prominent role in. He ended up getting Developer rank near the end of the Incident. Which he got demoted from after only months of having the rank, for indirectly causing the community to raid the Field of Battle discord server despite actively discouraging the raid.

Sugon ended up getting his developer rank back 1-2 months later, alongside yname who was also promoted to developer. As a developer, Sugon would mainly focus on adding new functionality to the game, usually Quality of Life changes. Months after Sugon regained his dev role, on April 9th 2022, Sugon had an idea to overhaul the suggestion system present in the Galaxy Discord Server at the time. Sugon and Rocket asked the staff team if they would support the change and the majority of the team voted yes. Sugon spent a lot of time overhauling the system, and when he was finished he made an announcement informing the community about the suggestion system overhaul. A member in the Galaxy Discord Server ended up reacting to the announcement with the emojis "🇰 🇾 🇸". After seeing this, sugon snapped and made an announcement addressing the hate towards Galaxy Staff, especially the dev team. The announcement got a lot of reactions from the community, most of them being positive. However a few days later, the community had shown little to no improvements on their behavior. Sugon's motivation for developing for the game had already been fading away and continued to deteriorate. On April 16th, 2022, Sugon resigned from his dev role stating that he had lost all of his motivation for developing, that he was fairly inactive as a dev due to school, and that he wanted to pursue the moderator role in hopes that he can at least try to show more activity in being a moderator. Sugon ended up serving as a moderator, where he helped Rocket with bot configurations and ran his own bot tests in the Galaxy Discord Server, most notably the nicknamer2 bot. Sugon later stated that as a mod, he was usually dragged into the middle of drama which was tiring for him and caused him to neglect school, as Sugon would find himself talking on discord rather than listening to lessons.

On May 7th, 2022, at 12:00 AM EST, Sugon resigned from his Moderator role and announced his departure from the community. Sugon stated that his departure was long overdue, that he needed to focus his time on school rather than the Galaxy Discord. Sugon also said that he made many memories in the community that he would never forget, and that being in the Galaxy Community had changed him as a person. Sugon went to say at 12:30 AM EST, "might return to this server in a year or two, probably for a day. just to see whats gone on in the time i was away. but yeah, goodbye". Sugon left the Galaxy Discord Server after sending that message, but later rejoined. He said that he rejoined the server because he wanted to "kill time" and that Galaxy was a great way to waste time when bored.

Sugon would remain as a normal community member until he eventually left the Galaxy Discord Server again on March 30th, 2023, only this time for good. His last messages were "cya. [its] been a wild ride here" His reason for leaving was that Galaxy was a bad influence and that it was affecting his math marks, as it would distract him from homework. He also said that he left because his friends, Teentitansgohomee and Mett (a Galaxy admin at the time) also left the server, and this made the server boring for him.

Sugon left his alt, which is an impersonation of Teen, in the server with all of his past roles. He uses this alt for conducting business for the Galaxypedia, but doesn't actively chat with it. His main account has not rejoined the server ever since, and Sugon has stated he has no plans on rejoining the server on his main account. When questioned about how he had been after having left Galaxy, Sugon said that he heavily improved his appearance, hygiene, and social skills. And that his grades dramatically improved. He said that leaving Galaxy was something that he should've done earlier but that leaving the server and finding other things to fill in his time was difficult.

Confinium P2W Incident

Sugon stated that he was there to see the Confinium Pay-to-win Incident happen, but did not play much of a role in it. He recalls being there for the whole incident, and that the Galaxy Discord Server's #general-discussion was being flooded with messages, that it was going as fast as he'd ever seen. Going to say that the chat was much worse than the Enigma Cache Incident's chat. He recalled the community going into great despair and models being mass archived.

Enigma Cache Incident

Sugon played a big role in the Enigma Cache Incident. On the day that the Enigma Cache was discovered by rcouret & other staff, sugon was Direct Messaged on Discord by someone who sugon claims does not want to be disclosed (will be called "Anonymous"). The direct message said that Anonymous had abused the quest after being shown it, and was peer pressured into exploiting the game-breaking bug. He went on to explain how the bug worked and who was exploiting it alongside him. Anonymous was constantly telling sugon that he was scared and that he didn't want to get banned, sugon told him that he would most likely be rewarded for his honesty. Anonymous requested that sugon were to report it to purpledazee and Rocket_GotG, claiming that an admin is abusing as they spoke, this admin would be known as Logan_Bowers ("Loggue"). Sugon sent purpledazee and Rocket a message but figured it would be difficult to act as a middleman in such a big situation, so he asked Anonymous to get onto an Alternate Account, where sugon invited him to a group chat with purpledazee and Rocket. Then, an ex-admin known as EnterpriseEnder had also confessed to sugon about abusing the quest, sugon ended up adding him to the group chat as well. From there, they all explained the incident and informed the head staff that admin abuse was occurring. Rocket was asleep until he woke up to getting pinged so much, it took Rocket a while to get on his PC but when he did, he removed Loggue's admin. Unknown to Rocket, Loggue was in a private server. When Rocket removed Loggue's admin, he forgot to also kick him. Loggue retained his admin role and continued abusing. Eventually, rcouret got online and shut down all of the servers. Loggue then went to abuse in the Discord, until purple banned him. Purple also got on and banned Loggue from Galaxy, including some other admins claiming that they were under inspection.

Sugon prevented major Admin Abuse from happening and acted as a means of communication between the head staff and people who were trying to report the incident. Sugon also made sure to voice his opinions during the Enigma Cache Incident, debating with various community members including purpledazee, who had banned him multiple times for doing so.


Sugon contributed a lot to the game as a developer, some of his notable contributions to the game are:

  • Scripting and implementing the ship reload indicators
  • Scripting and implementing the custom buy amount system
  • Various UI redesigns
  • Work on a full UI redesign, but was later cancelled due to financial constraints

As for the Discord Server, some of Sugon's notable changes are:

  • Creating a new suggestion system for the Server, and pioneering the "Suggestion Guidelines" as we know it. The suggestion system he implemented was changed
  • Pioneered the idea of a "Support server" for tickets instead of using the main server
    • His reasoning's for this are:
      • Having tickets in the main server clogged up the channels and made the channel list really long which was annoying
      • Pings in tickets couldn't be differentiated from pings in general discussion. This means that tickets might be neglected instead of quickly replied to
      • Most importantly, people banned from the main Galaxy Discord Server would effectively be denied the right to a refund request or admin support. Sugon believed that no matter what a person does, they should always have the right to a refund request or admin intervention, and its unfair to deny this right unless absolutely necessary (e.g. abuse of the system)
  • Founded the Galaxy Podcast. He later gave the operations of the podcast over to the Galaxy staff team