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Limited Ship

This ship is a limited ship, and could only be acquired for a limited time or it has since become limited.
You lose it forever once it is destroyed, or otherwise has limited availability on the Limited Build Menu.

The Snowfall is a powerful Battleship released from the 1st stage of the 2019 Christmas Event.


The Snowfall is a winter-themed Battleship that has focus on Broadside-firepower.

This Battleship focuses on Broadside-firepower and excels at being a flagship in a fleet due to the diversity of Turrets it has and having a high health for a Battleship. It's firepower leans more on shredding Shields due to it's 10 Medium Phasers.


The Snowfall is a long Battleship with most of it's materials being made of snow. There are spiky ice ornaments decorated all around the ships, including 5 Spinal Barrels on each side of the ship.

The Interior is snow-covered box, containing a yellow-teleporter door and the pilot seat.



  • Expensive for a Battleship and will be hunted for being a Limited Ship.
  • Broadside Spinals can be difficult to get used to.
  • Has low Hull DPS compared to Shield.
  • Unbalanced Shield Health compared to Hull, making it vulnerable against Hull-Breakers.
  • The total health does not reflect well on the total price, especially for a Battleship.


  • Do not use this ship alone. If you do so, travel with a heavy escort that you can trust.
  • Always face the side of your ship to the enemy to maximize damage output, especially its Spinals.
  • Focus on shield tank ships such as the Aegis, or Judgement as the ship outputs high Shield DPS.
  • When one Spinal is reloading, fire the other Spinal while turning your ship with your fast turnspeed.
  • Avoid Hull-Breakers such as the Ridgebreaker, or Hawklight due to your unbalanced health.
  • Remember to use Spinals, as they account for 60% of this ships' total DPS.

Version History

  • 2 Triple Heavy Cannons changed to 2 Frost Triple Heavy Cannons in version .69a1.
  • Was released again in the "Limited Edition (Permits)" Build menu, in version .72f. It can be obtained for a D class permit (credits vary from time to time) + 13386 Sillicate, 10326 Carbon, 8502 Iridium, 892 Adamantite, 1784 Palladium, 1078 Titanium, 1078 Quantium, and 273 Uranium.
  • Explosion size 60 ----> 540 in version .75a12
  • Remodeled by Solaris and buffed loadout to 3x Frosty Dual Medium Cannon, 2x Frost Dual Medium Laser, 3x Frosty Triple Heavy Cannon, 2x Frosty Triple Heavy Laser .76d


  • One of few ships with broadside Spinals, which include the Behemoth, Osiris and some others.
  • The first person to lose this ship was ELITEGAMEZ321 to aliens.
  • Has a wide array of turrets making it good for many situations.