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Snowflakes are used to create all event ships from the Christmas Event 2018 and Christmas Event 2019. They are worth 225 Credits each if sold.


Snowflakes are once again physical objects just as they were back in 2018 and earlier. These Snowflakes can be found in Mega Base and Aqueous II in certain spawning locations. In order for any Snowflakes to spawn in a private server, at least 4 people need to be present. Additionally, a minimum of 6 players are required for snowflakes to spawn at Aqueous II.

Snowflakes will respawn at set locations on intervals of 10 to 15 minutes.

Mega Base Spawning Locations:

  • Main Lobby inside wall of Gazebo
  • Far end of the Game Contributors hallway
  • Right side behind the curtain of the auditorium on the second floor of terminal B
  • Corner of 2nd floor terminal A
  • Advanced ship Requisition (Terminal D Floor 2) Behind Super Cap Terminals

Aqueous Spawning Locations:

  • In the center of the level one base, or outside the pillar of an upgraded base
  • Near the edge of the laser fence on an upgraded base, or near one of the doorways? on a level one base
  • Near another doorway on a level one base, or out in the snow on an upgraded base
  • In a cave near terminals D and E


The source of Snowflakes for the previous Christmas Event, the Christmas Event 2019, are the Aliens, which have been redesigned for the event. Alien Swarmers drop 1 Snowflake and Alien Punishers drop 20.

2018 and Earlier

Snowflakes were previously physical objects found in-game. They were used in the 2017 Ice Monster quest to create the Blizzard and the 2018 Christmas Event to create ships. These neon-blue objects were found at every base except for Frion I & Military HQ. They only spawned when a minimum of 6 people were in a server during the Christmas Event 2018 (Public Server or Private Server).

When these were available during the past events, players could obtain one by walking over to where the Snowflake was and touching it to pick it up. The Snowflakes would then automatically be moved to the player's warehouse.

The Snowflakes used to spawn in these areas of the Mega Base, Starbases, and Aqueous II.

  • Top of the central announcement stand.
  • 2nd floor of the Galaxy VIP Lounge.
  • On top of the Mega Base's observatory.
  • 2nd floor of Terminal B on the left of the stage.
  • In the fighter bay of the Starbase [Level 3 upgrade].
  • On the 2nd floor in the Starbase [Level 2 upgrade].
  • To the right of the upgraded command post on Aqueous II.
  • Diagonally parallel to a crystal near the upgraded command post on Aqueous II.
  • To the left of the upgraded command post on Aqueous II, specifically near a yellow containment unit.
  • In the cave on Aqueous II.
  • On the staircase leading to the entrance to the unupgraded command post on Aqueous II.
  • In the corridor next to the server rack room in the unupgraded command post on Aqueous II.
  • In the main green area in the unupgraded command post on Aqueous II (The green part)