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This Article describes the player-owned vessel. For the identical NPC ship, see Sovereign-X.

The Sovereign is a Battleship with powerful Heavy Lasers and extremely high health.


The Sovereign features an array of different Turrets and balanced stats for taking on a variety of ships. Its low maneuverability means it can be exploited by certain blind spots, making it heavily recommended that players be cautious while using this.


The interior is a small but detailed box containing the pilot seat and a couple of screens.


  • Cheap cost compared to other battleships.
  • Versatile mix of Turrets.
  • Great healthpool, one of the highest for battleships.
  • Has many Kinetic Turrets, making it a powerful hull breaker.


  • Tied with the Archeon and Genesis as the second slowest battleship in the game (top speed).
  • Vulnerable bottom.
  • Very poor damage output for a battleship, and considering that the Triple Heavy Cannon cannot fire because of LoS it is worse than practically every other Battleship in the game.
  • Must be facing towards the target to use all turrets, and even then the ventral Triple Heavy Cannon cannot fire due to line of sight issues.
  • Despite having a Larger Spinal than the Hawklight, the Hawklight's Spinals do more damage.
  • Lacks shield breaking weapons.
  • The combination of a less than ideal turret and spinal armament(very poor damage output), below average maneuverability, and inflexible turret line of sight makes for a Battleship that is not only overall awful, but also very weak and easily destroyed by a single skilled Battlecruiser pilot or another Battleship.


  • Be careful if an agile ship attacks you, as it may be able to outmaneuver your ship.
  • If possible, stick to fleets. More often than not your additional firepower will help to destroy enemy fleets and bases.
  • Avoid ships that are both versatile and deal heavy damage, such as the Leviathan or Razor Wing.

Version History

  • Buffed in version .63a?
  • Remodeled in an unknown version.
  • Remodeled again in version .66b, and was also buffed, with its shield increasing from 3500 to 4050, it hull from 3000 to 3350, its large cannon spinal becoming 2 large cannons, its 3 light turrets and Medium Laser were removed, being replaced by a Dual Medium Cannon and a Triple Heavy Cannon. Its cargo hold also increased from 250 to 253 as well as its acceleration increasing from 19 to 23.
  • Shields reduced to 3700 in version .69a1.


  • Excellent first battleship--its durability allows even inexperienced players escape bad situations.
  • The remodeled version was originally meant to be an Hawklight remodel.
  • Used to be seen as weak by a lot of players.
  • It has the exact same description as the Hawklight