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NPC Ship

This ship is unobtainable and can only be used by NPCs.

This article describes the NPC ship. For the player-owned equivalent, see Sovereign.

The Sovereign-X is an U.N.E AI Battleship.


The Sovereign-X is a passive, U.N.E affiliated ship that is the equivalent of a Battleship and has high DPS for its class.

This ship almost never loses a fight because of its 'call' ability, where it calls all UNE ships around the map to its target. A swarm of these can take down a Decimator, or a Level 5 Starbase (if they could attack starbases).


The Sovereign-X is seen guarding the U.N.E. Starbase, and the Mega Base in the Kneall Event. It will leave it's guarding post to respond to other U.N.E ships' call for aid. Once the target is destroyed, it will return to the Starbase it is guarding.

It is able to call other U.N.E. ships to assist it in combat, similar to a Punisher.

Note: The Sovereign-X, along with other U.N.E ships, do not spawn in private servers.


  • Lure powerful enemy AI ships such as a Galleon or Decimator to it, if engaged, it will call other U.N.E ships around the map to attack it.

Version History

  • Released in version.69.
  • Rearmed and Buffed in Version .70a8
  • Spawned naturally along with other U.N.E capital ships during the Kneall Event in version .75a10.
  • Disabled from spawning naturally due to the conclusion of the Kneall Event in version .75a11.