Space Pumpkin

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The Space Pumpkin is an item used by the player to make Event Ships during the Halloween Events in Galaxy.

Halloween Event 2018

The Space Pumpkin is a special item used to create limited ships during the Halloween Event 2018. They can be looted from Alien Harvest Servitors (2 each) or Harvest Kings (30 each). The versions used in this event take up 50 cubic meters in a Cargo Hold and can be sold for 1200 credits (and bought for around 1300).

Halloween Event 2017

Previously, Space Pumpkins were the materials needed to be collected for the Halloween Quest. (Five were needed to complete the quest). You got them by defeating and looting the Grim Reaper. However, it may have taken many Grim Reaper kills and fights to get enough of these, as people often quickly stole them and ran off. These also could have been bought via the Mega Base. They could be bought for 1,650 credits and sold for 1,350 credits.

Halloween Event 2020

This year Space Pumpkins are replaced with Gamma Pumpkins.