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The Spectre is a Cruiser-class ship with powerful Spinals.


The Spectre is an uncommon Cruiser-class ship. It's oriented towards a Spinal-heavy chaser profile, as its weapons help to quickly finish off the Shield and deal heavy damage to the Hull at the same time.


The Spectre's interior consists of nothing more than a short but detailed room containing the pilot's seat.


  • Powerful spinals.
  • Good mobility making it a great escort.
  • High shield damage.
  • Fairly evened out pool of health between the shields and the hull.
  • Flat size makes it hard to hit.


  • Only has a single Light Turret.
  • Quite large for its class.
  • Little Kinetic weaponry making it less effective against hull.
  • Hard to use if you're not used to Spinals.
  • Out-gunned by ships with stronger Spinals or lots of high accuracy weapons.
  • Loses to smaller and more agile ships if the pilot is unskilled.


  • This ship has high maneuverability but fairly low defense, so exploiting the enemy's blind spot is vital.
  • Use the spinals, as almost all of the firepower is in them.
  • Use in swarms of many Ships at a time. Four or more Spectre's can bring down a Dreadnought with proper use.

Version History

  • Received a slight remodel in an unknown update.
  • One Light Laser Turret removed in an unknown version.
  • Received two extra Small Phaser spinals in version .68e.
  • Remodeled in version .68e.