Starbase Fury

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The Starbase Fury is a more powerful variant of the Fury Fighter found only in Starbases.


The Starbase Fury is a Fighter Class ship with balanced spinal firepower that is used to defend Starbases. It is found in Starbases level 2 and above, and possibly inside the Mothership???

The Starbase Fury is about the size of a Wasp, just like the regular Fury. Its appearance is similar to that of a fighter jet.


The Starbase Fury's interior is entered through its cockpit window. Inside, there is simply a single seat.


  • Groups of these can deal decent damage to any ships attacking a Starbase, even if the ship is hulled.
  • Fast and highly maneuverable.
  • Has more firepower and health than its Carrier-based counterpart.



  • Starbase Furies are seen defending against enemies attacking their base, whether it be aliens / pirates or a player siege. A skilled swarm can obliterate shield or hull with equal efficiency. The strategy with Starbase Furies is to dive-bomb if the target is large, or slow down and wait for your target to move into a vulnerable position if they're too fast or small.
  • Deal as much damage as possible before being destroyed by your target. Fire your Spinals as often as possible.
  • If your base is being attacked and you don't want to risk any of your ships, use one of these as they will respawn and you lose nothing if they get destroyed.

Version History

  • Nerfed in version .68b—top speed reduced from 400 to 200.
  • Speed fixed in version .69a1—decreased from 400 to 275.


  • Has a lighter counterpart in both the Fury and Frenzy. The counterparts also have slightly different models.