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The Starfall is a Destroyer Class ship with a focus on firepower.


The Starfall is a long and narrow Destroyer with a large array of Turrets and Spinal Weaponry, which is balanced out by low maneuverability.


The Starfall interior has the pilot seat as well as a passenger seat behind it. There are also two crates in the very back of the interior.


  • Cheap.
  • Has a large Cargo Hold for its class.
  • Good Turn Speed.


  • Very bad Acceleration.
  • Slow.
  • Turret placement requires you to stay above your enemy to get all turrets firing.


  • Keep in mind that most ships have Turrets on top so be aware to stay out of their line of fire.

Version History

  • Cargo Hold was decreased by 1 in .75a3.
  • The Starfall got its HP nerfed from 1000/1000 to 700/650 in an unknown sub-version of update .61g.
  • The Starfall was remodeled in version .66b.


  • The current Starfall model was originally going to be a Tango remodel, but was then altered to be for the Starfall after realizing the model didn't fit the Tango.
Old Starfall model