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The Starhunter is a fighter found in the upper fighter bay of the new Starbase remodel. It is unusual for most fighters because of its complete reliance on turret firepower for hull damage.


The Starhunter has a simple interior with a singular bucket seat in the compact cockpit.


  • Has 4 turrets.
  • Very fast.
  • Huge damage for a Fighter.
  • Very high health pool.
  • Higher turn speed than the Fury
  • The fighter spawns in faction starbases.


  • Only spawns in the Starbase once it reaches level 3.
  • Only two of these ships can be spawned at a time per Starbase.
  • Known to glitch into the floor of Starbases sometimes when spawned.
  • Large for a fighter.
  • There is a glitch were if it has been used before the player attempting to enter it will get kicked out of the seat and the camera will focus on the starhunter as if you are piloting it, you cannot use any controls and you must reset to fix your camera.


  • Target heavy siege ships with shield based health like the Judgement, they will have a difficult time destroying you while you quickly destroy their shields with your phasers.
  • Hide in blindspots, or fighter bays when attacking Carriers.

Version History

  • Re-added in version .68b
  • Speed reduced from 325 to 225 in version .69b1
  • Significant spinal nerf: [F] spinals size reduced to tiny, [G] spinals kept the same size but with the interval nerfed from 0.1 seconds to a barely manageable 0.6 seconds in version .73c(?)


  • On April 19th 2020, this fighter and the new Starbase remodel was enabled for around ten minutes on the new servers before it was reverted to the old version.