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The Stealth B-2 is a Stealth Battleship and the second ship of its class.


The Stealth B-2 is a rather small, sleek Battleship that is nearly invisible even against the contrast of a Starbase. It has a design inspired by real life American B-2 bombers, however the ships design is quite hard to see due to its invisibility.


Not documented.


  • Very fast and highly maneuverable for a Battleship.
  • 10 Small Torpedoes give this ship a high damage output for a Battleship.
  • Practically invisible and hard to hit.
  • Small size makes it a small target.
  • Cheaper than the other cloaked ship in the game, the Stealth One, costing only 6 stealth plating instead of 10, as well as slightly less ores and a slightly smaller manufacturing cost.
  • Amazing against large ships and starbases.


  • Very low health for a Battleship.
  • Very awful Shield Damage.
  • Slow-firing Torpedos.
  • Bad against smaller ships.
  • Costs 6 stealth plating, an item which is hard to obtain.
  • Despite being cheaper than its Stealth One counterpart, it deals SIGNIFICANTLY less damage than it.
  • Despite this ship being labeled as a "bomber", it deals very low spinal DPS when compared to the Stealth One.


Bomb large ships and starbases all you want, utilize your speed, acceleration, turnspeed, size, and especially your stealth, to dodge all those who oppose you. But beware small ships with small, but accurate turrets and spinals. Be wary of your low health, and try not to go head on into fights. This ship works amazingly in sieges and large scale battles against Dreadnoughts and Supercapital Ships

Version History

  • Missing information--refer to Update Log
  • Torpedo count increased from 4/4 to 5/5, shield increased from 750 to 900, hull halved from 1000 to 500 in version .75a3


  • This ship is based on the real life Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Bombers manufactured from 1987-2000
  • This ship is one of only 2 cloaked ships in the games
  • This ship is the second of the stealth ships, being released alongside with the Stealth One
  • There is no confirmation whether or not we will get more stealth based ships in the future.