Stealth B-2

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Stealth Ship

This ship is a Stealth Ship. It is an extremely fast, low health ship that has stealth technology, making the ship appear transparent and its icon invisible on the minimap.

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The Stealth B-2 is a Stealth Battleship and the second ship of its class.


The Stealth B-2 is a rather small, sleek Battleship that is nearly invisible even against the contrast of a Starbase. It has a design inspired by real life American B-2 bombers, however the ships design is quite hard to see due to its invisibility.

This ship excels at diving Ships with it's high alpha and long range, as well as being excellent in Sieging for the same reasons.


Stealth B-2 Firing torpedoes

The Stealth B-2 is a Stealth Ship, making it's model appear transparent, being nearly invisible in plain sight. The shape of the ship is based off the B-2 Spirit Bomber that also features stealth technology. The ship has a flat, but wide profile, with wingspan being extremely long. The torpedoes have small trails coming from them when moving fast.

The Interior is a small, empty room with a seat on the middle, but is difficult to spot.


  • Very fast and highly maneuverable for a Battleship.
  • 10 Small Torpedoes give this ship a high hull damage output for a Battleship.
  • Small Torpedoes have a long range of 6,000 Studs.
  • Practically invisible and hard to hit.
  • Rather small size, and flat profile, along with its speed makes it difficult to get hit.
  • Cheaper than the other cloaked ship in the game, the Stealth One, costing only 10 Stealth Plating instead of 15.
  • Amazing against large capital ships and starbases.
  • Invisible on the minimap making it great for ambushes and escape.


  • Very low health for a Battleship.
  • Very low Shield DPS compared to Hull DPS.
  • Slow-firing torpedoes, and torpedoes have slow velocity.
  • Almost unable to engage small and agile ships.
  • Torpedoes are lined up along the ship, with some far away from the center, making it hard to hit targets that are close.
  • Costs 10 Stealth Plating, an item which is hard to obtain.


  • Use your insane speed and the ability to hide to your advantage. Stay in constant motion and drift around your enemies so they do not land shots on you.
  • Extremely effective in Sieges as all of its weapons can out-range Starbases and can easily escape when resistance comes.
  • Never get close to AA Ships like the Zeus, Tempest, Ampharos, or even the Hyron, as they will be your undoing due to their incredibly accurate turrets that could do significant damage to you even with your speed.
  • Use the high firepower on this ship to assault, chase down and finish off vulnerable or isolated capital ships.
  • Turn your B-2 90 Degrees from its axis then Drift, but with Z and C, this makes it much more harder for enemies to hit you.
  • Powerful for Pirating because of its invisibilty, high Alpha Damage and speed.
  • Whenever you must make an escape from combat however, warp far into empty space (but not near the map borders) to make your position unpredictable to any enemies that may try to chase you. Note that this strategy may not work well if there is a spy on your team.

Version History

  • Remodeled in Version ??? by MastroyPro.
  • Torpedo count increased from 4/4 to 5/5, shield increased from 750 to 900, hull halved from 1000 to 500 in version .75a3


  • Has an interior that can only be seen from inside.
  • This ship is based on the real life Northrop Grumman B-2 Spirit Bombers manufactured from 1987 to 2000.
  • This ship is one of only 5 Stealth Ships in the game
  • This ship is the second of the stealth ships, being released alongside with the Stealth One