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The Stealth One is a Stealth Battleship and the first ship of its class.


The Stealth One is a rather small, blocky Battleship that is nearly invisible even against the contrast of a Starbase. It has a single glowing red square in the rear, and the player inside piloting it can be seen through the transparent main body.


This ship has a somewhat basic interior that can only be seen from inside the ship. Upon entering through a side docking port, the majority of the interior is a grey rug, with a small slope near the front of the ship leading up to the pilots seat. The pilots seat is a pretty basic design only containing a seat part and a backrest part. All of this however, despite the transparent design of the ship, cannot be seen from the outside.


  • Very fast and highly maneuverable for a Battleship.
  • Four Large Torpedoes give this ship a high damage output for a Battleship.
  • Practically invisible and hard to hit.
  • Small size makes it a small target.
  • Is a Stealth Ship


  • Very low health for a Battleship.
  • Very awful Shield Damage.
  • Slow-firing Torpedoes.
  • Bad against smaller ships.
  • Costs 15 stealth plating, an item which is hard to obtain.


Use your insane speed and the ability to hide to your advantage. Stay in constant motion and drift around your enemies so they do not land shots on you.

Version History

  • In an unknown version the cost was raised from 10 stealth plating to 15 stealth plating.
  • Now has 80% drift .75a12
  • Remodeled by VoroTheDuck#0001 .75a12
  • Landing gear removed (space ships don't need wheels) .75a12


  • The Stealth One when viewed from the outside
    The Stealth One when viewed from the outside
    When viewed from the outside, the viewer can only see the player's avatar, as well as the 4 torpedo launchers on the ship.
  • Has an interior that can only be seen from inside.
  • This ship was actually released about a week before stealth plating debuted in the game, making it unobtainable but still on the build menu for a short period of time.
  • This ship is the very first of the stealth ships, being released alongside with the Stealth B-2
  • There is no confirmation whether or not we will get more stealth based ships in the future.