Stealth Plating

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The Stealth Plating is a special item used to make Stealth Ships.

Stealth Platings currently only drop from the starbases, Starbase and Mothership.

Starbases that drop Stealth Platings
Starbase Amount Level
Starbase 7 5
Starbase 4 4
Starbase 2 3
Mothership 2 5
Starbase 1 2


For acquiring this material easier, lure bosses such as Punisher and Galleon to your Starbase, so that the Starbase gets the Combat Reward of the dead boss, giving your base credits and speeding up the process of upgrading your base to Level 5. When Sieging a Level 5 Base, use powerful, siege ships like the Hasatan, Avalon, and the Kraken to make the process of sieging go faster. To prevent the faction you wish to siege from disappearing, use an alt to make it stay in that faction and to prevent it.

Note: When looting Stealth Platings, it may take multiple runs to loot everything.


  • It takes an average of ~80 Minutes to acquire 4 Stealth Platings per run, mostly depending on how long the Siege takes.