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The Stormbringer was the first Carrier to be added, introduced in version .40, and has received 3 remodels.


The Stormbringer is rather long and narrow in design with a mostly greyscale colour scheme featuring neon orange accents. There are a few vertical protrusions underneath the ship, one at the front looking like the fin of a real-life ship.

It carries 6 Typhoons.


The Stormbringer's bridge is exceedingly basic, being a plain grey cuboid-shaped room with a single wool-textured pad on the floor that acts as the pilot seat. Don't worry, the ship building hangar is working on building the interior right now. The fighter bay, however is not in need of more detail. it is a small, cramped little dark grey compartment that opens out of the top of the ship near the stern, housing the fighters. There are neon white accents on the floor underneath each fighter, perhaps outlining landing pads. Overall, the fighter bay is vaguely resemblant of the top of a real aircraft carrier, except it is dug into the ship and blanketed over the top by a transparent shield-like surface.


  • Has a decent amount of fighters.
  • Has balanced shield and hull DPS.
  • Low risk as it is the cheapest carrier in the game.
  • Great hull health.
  • Devastating Nuke.


  • Not very maneuverable.
  • Can't face off against bigger Ships without the help of the Fighters.
  • Fighter bay is completely open, allowing for small ships such as fighters, frigates, destroyers, cruisers and even smaller battlecruisers to sneak inside and deal damage from within.
  • While not completely a blind spot, there is a significant lack of firepower underneath the ship at the front. The lower backside, however, is completely unguarded.


  • Be very wary of hull-breakers such as the Ridgebreaker or other ships similar to it. This ship's health pool relies primarily on its hull health.
  • You can attempt to fighter swarm, as the fighters are provided in sufficient amounts to effectively assault a target.
  • DON'T let ships warp underneath you. It will likely spell huge damage or even destruction to your ship.

Version History

  • Remodeled by oChaosWarrioro in .61e4.
  • Health increased to 6250 Shields, 6000 Hull, Top Speed reduced to 29, Turn Speed changed to 0.03, Acceleration changed to 5, and Cargo Hold increased to 1260.
  • Remodeled again in version .64c.
  • Hull increased from 6000 to 10000, loadout changed to 2 Medium Lasers, 4 Heavy Point Defense Lasers and 2 Heavy Flak Cannons in version .68d.
  • Hull reduced from 10000 to 7000 in version .69a2.
  • Remodeled by Wiscyy in version (?) and received custom fighters, the Wraths.
  • Remodeled by boom boom boom in version (?) and received new fighters, the Typhoons, Along with the heath being increased (shield increased from 6500 to 8500, hull increased from 9000 to 10000) and the nuke being "increase to epic proportions" (spelling errors kept in order to be faithful to the source material).


  • The old Stormbringer had what seemed to be a large runway on the top. Although it may have been meant to be used for landing, it was rarely used by players other than as a walking platform.
  • The Stormbringer's original model was nicknamed "The Shoebox"
  • The third model and its fighters were only used briefly until they were removed in favour of the current model, likely due to issues like not enough fighters and a lack of a fighter bay teleporter.
Original Stormbringer Model
3rd Stormbringer model
Current Stormbringer Model
2nd Stormbringer Model