Strange Character

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The Strange Character is an NPC that allows players to start the "Mythical Blueprint" quest.


Strange Character is an NPC found in the Freedom Base that acts as the starting point for Quest #203, "Mythical Blueprint," which allows players to acquire the item "Nautilus Blueprint" required to build the Nautilus.

Strange Character is a faceless NPC wearing a tuxedo, gold headphones, and an orange hat.

The Items that the quest needs to build the Nautilus Blueprint are the following:

  • 250,000 Credits

Note: Strange Character only gives the quest in Public Servers and not in Private Servers.


Strange Character is found inside Freedom Base, on the top level and stands in a corner inside one of 2 rooms.

Quest Dialogue

Note: The Player must choose the correct dialogue sequence as shown below, or else the quest cannot be initiated.

Strange Character: "What do you want?"

[Player]: "..."

Strange Character: "Well?"

[Player]: "Shady Death"

Strange Character: "So you're one of my buyers."

[Player]: "How much is it?"

Strange Character: "I'll give it to ya for 250 Grand."

[Player]: "Expensive.. I'll take it."

Strange Character: "Perfect."

Quest #203 "Mythical Blueprints" is given.

Quest Completion Dialogue

Strange Character: "Got the goods?"

[Player]: "I do"

Strange Character: "Thank you good sir, here's your blueprint."

If player has the required items, they will receive 1 count of the item "Nautilus Blueprint" as a reward.

Extra Dialogue after quest completion

[Player]: "Where do you get this stuff from anyway?"

Strange Character: "A far off place called Azolum.. maybe you'll be able to get there someday."


  • Strange Character was added during the same time the Shady Dealer has died, and was mentioned in the quest dialogue.