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The Striker is a Fighter-class ship found in multiple Carriers.


The Striker is a flat, sleek Fighter found on a few Carriers such as the Rhino, Revelation and Rapture. It also spawns on Frion I's Lucifer Station.


Like all fighter class ships, the Striker has little in the way of an interior.


  • Medium Phasers give it strong anti-shield damage.
  • Overall Spinal DPS is rather high(?) for a Fighter.
  • Flat profile and good agility makes it more difficult to get hit.


  • Has lower Shield health than Hull health, making it weak to Flak Cannons.
  • Medium phasers somehow have a lower damage-per-second output than small phasers, making this fighter weaker than others such as the Nixesion or Raptor.


  • Use the ship's high maneuverability to get into the blind spots of larger ships and deal heavy spinal damage.
  • Focus on shield tank ships such as the Aegis, as the Medium Phasers are more powerful than the Small Cannons.
  • Swarm enemy ships with your other fighters.
  • Focus on swarming and destroying AA ships like the Ampharos or Hyron first, as they will shred you if left alone.

Version History

  • Shields buffed from 250 to 360 in an unknown version.


  • Nothing notable.