Swarmer Prototype

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The Swarmer Prototype is a Fighter and was the first player-operable Alien-built ship.


The Swarmer Prototype is a modified version of the wrecked Alien Swarmers on Myriad III. It is a Fighter-Class Ship that has 1 Light Turret. Four of them spawn once Myriad III is upgraded to level 3. Alongside the Interceptor, Sanguine, Valkyrie and Unarmed Envoy, it is one of the five Fighters to have a Turret


Like all fighter class ships, the Swarmer Prototype has little in the way of an interior.


  • High health.
  • One of the few Fighters with a Turret.
  • Fast top speed.


  • Slow acceleration and turn speed.
  • Lowest DPS in the game since the damage of the 3D Printed Wasp got buffed.


  • Swarm enemies and stay in their blind spots.
  • Distract large ships and destroy small ships with this ship while defending Myriad.

Version History

  • Wings removed at some point due to model glitches.
  • Received a Shields and Hull buff in version .65b.
  • Received a remodel in version .65b.
  • Light Laser replaced with Kneall Small Laser in version .73b3


  • You are able to 1v1 an Alien Swarmer if you stay in its blind spot.
  • Old model:
    New alien swarmer.png