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The Tango is a small and fast early-game Miner-class ship.


The Tango is a cheap Miner-class ship that is equipped with two Small Mining Lasers. Its health totals at 1000 and is divided evenly between Hull and Shields (500/500). Its Mining Lasers have a range of 4500 studs. Takes a minimum of 100 seconds to fill up its hold.


The minuscule interior of the Tango consists of a dome that houses the cockpit. Assorted crates and a screen are spread in this cramped room.


  • Very low cost.
  • New players can use this to make a decent profit.
  • Good speed for a Miner.
  • If used by a player with a level one warehouse, it is immune to all damage.
  • Explosion Radius of 25
  • It can be obtained for free once with the code TANGO.


  • Low health. (1500 total HP).
  • Somewhat slow mining speed.
  • Limited Cargo and Ore Hold.
  • Targeted by Pirates due to the low health pool.


  • Make sure to check for any enemies every 30 seconds, either by looking around or on the Minimap.
  • Always mine in a peaceful faction to ensure safety from players.
  • Always make sure your faction has strong allies.
  • Don't mine at the Mega Base during a War.
  • When War is declared, quickly turn back to the closest base and despawn.


  • Don't mine near Aliens or Pirates, and dock if one starts coming closer.
  • Never mine at War unless your Warehouse is level one.
  • If Mining at War, check the Minimap every 30 seconds; however, it can be very foolish to insist on mining during a War.
  • If mining at war, stay close to your Starbase for protection.

Version History

  • Was given a remodel .56?
  • .61h1? - Warp Drive added.
  • Remodeled in version .73f8.


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  • It was one of the first Miners in the game and has existed since .30.
  • Brings in about 625 Credits without any Loyalty per run, but can earn up to 1125 Credits.
  • There is a type of dance (or dance style) the ship is named after; the Tango.
  • Enter code "tango" to get a free Tango (the code will not work if you own a Tango).
  • Used Tango Imagine on Ships Icon.
  • The current Tango Model is modeled after the Venture, a Mining frigate from Eve Online.