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The Tempest is a powerful and fast PvP and Support Dreadnought.


The Tempest is a PvP/Support Dreadnought focused on escorting fleets.

The front of the ship has two Medium Lasers mounted on it at a slight angle giving it a sleek appearance, along with most of the other Turrets.

As mentioned earlier, it is an excellent escort ship for fleets such as sieging fleets to take down small and large ships alike.


The Tempest's interior is rather simple, featuring an illuminated grey room with metal tiles for a floor and a neon purple ceiling. Near the teleporter, there is a logo, and at the other end a neon purple orb acting as the pilot's seat.


  • Excellent Turret placement.
  • Accurate yet high damage turrets help with pest control of smaller ships.
  • Smallest blind spot of all Dreadnoughts.
  • Versatility allows this ship to be flexible in its uses (support, PvP, assaulting, etc.).
  • Good maneuverability for a Dreadnought.
  • Somewhat high turret damage output for a dreadnought, almost being on par with the Apocalypse; giving it high enough damage output to be an extremely dangerous threat to sub-capital ships that lack the speed to nullify the accuracy of the ship's armament.
  • Rather cheap for a Dreadnought.


  • Lacks long-range turrets.
  • Despite how small they are, the rear and broadside blind spots can be an issue if the pilot is not using the Tempest's maneuverability to their advantage.
  • Less firepower compared to other Dreadnoughts
  • Often gets targeted by fleets due to it's ability to counter carriers.


  • Get as close as you can if you are fighting ships so your Turrets can get in range.
  • In order to aim all Turrets on a single target, you must aim the nose directly at the target.
  • Try to stay in enemy blind spots to avoid damage.
  • When fighting nimble ships, keep pace with them to the best of your ability in both speed and direction; to maximize the accuracy of your turrets.
  • Support your team by providing AA (anti air) Support.

Version History

  • Nerfed before release. Used to have 6 Large Phasers and 23 more Speed. Also had a part reduction.
  • Did not have a Cargo Hold until .52d.
  • Used to use an odd weld script resulting in offset parts, which as of version .52i has been fixed.
  • Used to have a good interior but it was stripped out to lower the part count as it made the game lag.
  • Remodeled once again by oChaosWarrioro, Interior brought back, even lower part count than before (313).
  • Reverted to the original model with only a bridge interior and an elegant exterior.
  • .62a Received a change to its Flak Cannons being swapped over to Dual Gatling Cannons, lost its Huge Cannons as they were swapped to Large Cannons.
  • Cannon Spinals reverted to Huge back from Large in .65b.
  • Lasers swapped with Point Defense Lasers in version .66b?
  • Buffed in version .66b—All turrets upgraded to Large/Capital versions.
  • Cargo hold and price nerfed significantly in version .66b.
  • Spinals removed, Shield increased from 5650 -> 6000 in version .68b.
  • 1 Capital Triple Laser changed to a Capital Triple Cannon, Heavy Point Defense Lasers switched out with their Medium variants and 1 Heavy Flak Cannon replaced with a Point Defense Laser in version .69a1.
  • Received a Medium Flak Cannon in version .71b, bringing the turret count to 10.
  • Medium PDLs replaced with Heavy PDLs, Medium Flak Cannons replaced with Heavy Flak Cannons, added 4/4 small phaser/cannon spinals, top speed buffed to 64, acceleration buffed to 10 in version .73a3
  • Explosion Size 120 ----> 780 .75a12
  • Ship reworked in version .75a23:
    • Spinal armament removed.
    • Turret armament changed from 1 Capital Triple Laser, 1 Capital Triple Cannon, 3 Heavy Flak Cannons, and 5 Heavy Point Defence Lasers to 2 Super Flak Cannons, 2 Heavy Flak Cannons, 2 Super PDLs, and 2 Heavy Point Defence Lasers.
    • Top Speed increased from 64 to 80.
  • Turret armament adjusted; 1 Super Flak Cannon added and 2 Heavy Flak Cannons replaced with 2 Super Flak Cannons (2 Super Flak Cannons, 2 Heavy Flak Cannons, 2 Super PDLs, 2 Heavy Point Defence Lasers --> 5 Super Flak Cannons, 2 Super PDLs, 2 Heavy Point Defense Lasers) in version .75a23.


  • Used to be the only Dreadnought with Flak Cannons.
  • Featured on Sean Morabito's YouTube Channel where he pirated Miners.
  • Previously had spinal cannons with a unique sound.
  • Name may be a small reference to Field of Battle, Galaxy's sibling game created by the same creator.
  • Tempest means a strong storm.
  • The back is somewhat similar to the Devastation.
  • Was one of the first two ships to have 10 turrets along with the Warlock.