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The Tempest is a powerful and fast PvP and Support Dreadnought.


The Tempest is a PvP/Support Dreadnought focused on escorting fleets and acting as a counter for other ships of its class.

The front of the ship has two Medium Lasers mounted on it at a slight angle giving it a sleek appearance, along with most of the other Turrets.

It can also be used as a Pirate ship against larger Miners and Freighters. However, it also easily excels at PvP, out-damaging most Dreadnoughts.


The Interior of the Tempest is limited, but it does have a control panel in front of the pilot's seat. 

The entrance to the Tempest goes straight into the bridge. There are 3 extra rooms in addition to the main bridge. The bridge holds the controls to the ship as well as a heads-up display on the control panel. 


  • Excellent Turret placement greatly protects it from smaller Ships.
  • Smallest blind spot of all Dreadnoughts.
  • Does very well against other Capital Ships, despite its description saying otherwise.
  • Incredibly versatile Dreadnought, covering many roles well. (Tank, Siege, PvP.)
  • Decent maneuverability for a Dreadnought.
  • High damage output for a Dreadnought, with 281 turret dps and 219 spinal dps (500 total dps combined).
  • Somewhat a shield breaker, 361 DPS toward the shield health and 298 DPS to hull health.
  • Can easily abuse enemy ship blind spots.


  • Struggles to fire all Turrets at once, unless pointing directly at its target(and even then, the bottom Capital Triple Cannon cannot fire.
  • Lacks long-range Turrets.
  • Extremely expensive for a build menu Dreadnought, coming in at the most expensive non-limited/advanced Dreadnought you can buy.


  • Get as close as you can if you are fighting ships so your Turrets can get in range.
  • In order to aim all Turrets on a single target, you must aim the nose directly at the target.
  • Use your smaller PvP based turrets to defend against ships while using the Capital Lasers to dish out the real damage.
  • Try to stay in enemy blind spots to avoid damage.

Version History

  • Nerfed before release. Used to have 6 Large Phasers and 23 more Speed. Also had a part reduction.
  • Did not have a Cargo Hold until .52d.
  • Used to use an odd weld script resulting in offset parts, which as of version .52i has been fixed.
  • Used to have a good interior but it was stripped out to lower the part count as it made the game lag.
  • Remodeled once again by oChaosWarrioro, Interior brought back, even lower part count than before (313).
  • Reverted to the original model with only a bridge interior and an elegant exterior.
  • .62a Received a change to its Flak Cannons being swapped over to Dual Gatling Cannons, lost its Huge Cannons as they were swapped to Large Cannons.
  • Cannon Spinals reverted to Huge back from Large in .65b.
  • Lasers swapped with Point Defense Lasers in version .66b?
  • Buffed in version .66b—All turrets upgraded to Large/Capital versions.
  • Cargo hold and price nerfed significantly in version .66b.
  • Spinals removed, Shield increased from 5650 -> 6000 in version .68b.
  • 1 Capital Triple Laser changed to a Capital Triple Cannon, Heavy Point Defense Lasers switched out with their Medium variants and 1 Heavy Flak Cannon replaced with a Point Defense Laser in version .69a1.
  • Received a Medium Flak Cannon in version .71b, bringing the turret count to 10.
  • Medium PDLs replaced with Heavy PDLs, Medium Flak Cannons replaced with Heavy Flak Cannons, added 4/4 small phaser/cannon spinals, top speed buffed to 64, acceleration buffed to 10 in version .73a3


  • Used to be the only Dreadnought with Flak Cannons.
  • Featured on Sean Morabito's YouTube Channel where he pirated Miners.
  • Previously had spinal cannons with a unique sound.
  • Tempest means a strong storm.
  • The back is somewhat similar to the Devastation.
  • One of the first two ships to have 10 turrets along with the Warlock.
  • Has the most DPS out of every build menu dreadnought right now.