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The Templar is a cheap, turret-focused defense Cruiser.


The Templar is a Cruiser introduced in the 2nd part of the Mega Update with powerful anti-sub-cruiser capabilities. It is shaped roughly like a wedge and has similar styling to the Apocalypse, along with a Vanguard Coalition logo on the stern. Its armament is composed entirely of turrets, unlike most other Cruisers.


The Templar has no interior. An invisible teleporter puts the player into a small box inside with a black square that acts as the pilot's seat.


  • Cheap for its armament.
  • Powerful against smaller Ships like Fighters or Frigates.
  • Good for beginners, as no aiming skill is needed due to a lack of spinals.



  • Use this ship in a siege to ward off Frigates, Destroyers, or Fighters when you don't have enough loyalty for more powerful options.
  • Stay below enemy Ships to maximize turret line-of-sight.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in version .67c
  • Team colors fixed in version .68e.
  • Hull reduced from 1500 to 1200 and Top Speed reduced from 120 to 110 in version .69f.
  • 1 Light Gatling Cannon removed and 2 Light Gatling Cannons moved underneath the ship in version .70a.
  • 1 Light Gatling Cannon moved back from the bottom to the top, Shield health increased from 750 to 900, and overall turret placement adjusted in version .75a5.


  • This ship has the most turrets for a Cruiser.