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The Tengu is a Spinal focused Battlecruiser.


The Tengu is a Battlecruiser that can deal tremendous damage whilst also being able to tank damage fairly well with its large health pool.


The interior consists of a single corridor with several detailed display screens, ending in a pilot seat at the front positioned in front of a display screen. The ships docks from the rear to a single open door. Its exterior consists of several black, patterned plates, two large spinal launchers, and four engines. Its front end curves around in a manner reminiscent of past models of the Apocalypse.


  • Great Acceleration.
  • Decent Cargo Hold.
  • Spinals can all shoot at the same time, creating a high damage output if they hit.
  • Relatively large health pool, enough to last a little while against a Punisher.
  • More Turret firepower than the Razor Wing.


  • The second slowest Battlecruiser to date.
  • Vulnerable from most angles besides the front.


  • Always try to aim for where the enemy ship is going.
  • Don't buy this ship if you're not good with Spinal weaponry.

Version History

  • Received a remodel in .61h(?)
  • Remodel reverted in .64c
  • Remodeled in version .66b
  • Temporarily disabled in version Unknown


  • Before the Tengu had its Torpedoes removed, it was one of the only two ships in the game that could fire multiple Torpedoes at once, the other being the Avalon.
  • The old Tengu model was based on the Tengu from EVE online.
  • It used to have 2 Small Torpedoes and 4 Small Phasers, essentially making it an oversized Starblade.
  • Its old design is fairly similar to the Nyx and Nyxesion, using the same color scheme and material.
  • This ship was previously disabled and was "awaiting reductions." It was in this state for quite possibly the longest time of any ship in Galaxy.
  • Name is from a legendary creature in Japanese Folk Religion. They are supernatural, and take the form of a bird-man.