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The Tennhausen is a balanced Dreadnought commonly seen in Galaxy.


A Dreadnought class ship created by Xeiron Industries and later updated by Event Horizon, the Tennhausen is a powerful option for dealing with other capital ships.


The ship's interior consists of a simply designed room with a teleporter.


  • Good Spinals with a fast reload.
  • High Turret damage against hull.
  • Solid health pool.
  • Low cost for a Dreadnought.
  • Features basic AA capabilities.


  • Large blind spot at the underbelly of the ship.
  • Struggles to effectively fight smaller Ships.


  • This ship's strength lies in its ability to easily adapt to any new variables in a situation and its ability to tank a significant amount of damage which makes it ideal for defensive purposes.
  • Stay under your opponent so all of your Turrets can fire.
  • Always be ready to reposition if somebody attempts to exploit your blind spot.

Version History

  • Remodel by oChaosWarrioro added in .60d.
  • Its Medium Cannons were switched to Dual Medium Cannons and 2 of its Heavy Lasers were switched to Triple Heavy Lasers in version .63h.
  • 2 Heavy Railguns and 2 Triple Heavy Cannons changed to 4 Dual Medium Cannons in version .69a1.
  • Model reverted in an unknown version (2021)
  • Explosion Size 150 -> 615 in version .75a12.
  • Remodeled by EvilPleeber in an unknown version.
  • Shield 5860 -> 4950, Hull 5850 -> 6850, added two sets of 6x Small Cannons (.05 interval), and acceleration from 5 -> 8 in an unknown version.
  • Shield 4950 -> 5500, Hull 6850 -> 7200, both spinals swapped from Cannons to Phasers, Capital Triple Lasers swapped to Cannons, 2 additional Dual Medium Cannons, and Turret placement updated in an unknown version.
  • Shield 5500 -> 4950 in an unknown version.
  • Cargo hold 340 -> 2700 in an unknown version.


  • The original model of this was going to be a Titan but the shipmaster heroXfight made it a Dreadnought instead.
  • The Tennhausen has received possibly the most number of remodels of any Dreadnought.
  • The Tennhausen and an old model is based on a ship of the same name in Rebel Galaxy.
  • In Rebel Galaxy, it is a Frigate class ship.
  • Once had an alpha turret on the top side. Most likely was a mistake or used as a placeholder.