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The Tennhausen is a balanced Dreadnought commonly seen in Galaxy.


A Dreadnought class ship created by Xeiron Industries and later updated by Event Horizon, the Tennhausen is a highly versatile ship in the sense that its loadout allows it to perform well against many different opponents. It has powerful Spinals to kill capital ships and three Large Phasers that allow it to participate in PVP.


The ship's interior consists of a simply designed room with a teleporter.


  • Good Spinals.
  • Fast Spinal reload.
  • Balanced Turret damage.
  • Amazing firing-arcs.
  • More HP than Ridgebreaker
  • One of the cheapest Dreadnoughts on sale.


  • Unable to fight smaller ships.
  • Massive blind spot at the underbelly of the ship.
  • Low turnspeed & speed.
  • Can't tank as much as other dreads


  • This ship's strength lies in its ability to easily adapt to any new variables in a situation and its ability to tank a significant amount of damage which makes it ideal for defensive purposes.
  • It is a good ship for defending bases as its Spinals give it a long range, (allowing it to stay in range of base defenses and engage opponents) and it has a lot of health allowing it to survive the combined firepower of a Siege fleet.
  • Stay under your opponent or base so all turrets can fire
  • Warp a bit if your opponent gets under you or go on the bottom on the map

Version History


  • The original model of this was going to be a Titan but the shipmaster heroXfight made it a Dreadnought instead.
  • The Tennhausen has received possibly the most number of remodels of any Dreadnought.
  • The Tennhausen and an old model is based on a ship of the same name in Rebel Galaxy.
  • In Rebel Galaxy, it is a Frigate class ship.
  • Once had an alpha turret on the top side. Most likely was a mistake or used as a placeholder

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