The Cultists

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The Cultists

Legends say, within the vast empty void of space, a voice reached out. Echoing far and wide, the calls of the mighty Scrap Gods were heard. A group of individuals responded, chanting with acceptance to carry on the wills of the Scrap Gods, acknowledging their hunger. This group, granted the title of "The Cultists," was given a promise from the Gods. With demands enacted and a prophecy under way, those who did not follow the way of the divine Scrap Gods were met with blight and sacrificed to feed the Gods' hunger. The Cultists took beyond the skies, into the Galaxy; servants of the Gods, they began to conscript new followers. Many forces opposed and engaged in battle against The Cultists in futile attempts to slow their advancements. Seemingly endless, the battles continued amongst the ages. Factions began to kneel before The Cultists; with corporations in shambles, slaves began to profit for The Cultists, and non believers joined the cause. The Gods, pleased with The Cultists efforts, granted them power, vassels, numbers, & wealth. The Era of The Cultists was at its peak, undefeated. As time ran on, the rituals in which sacrifices were sent to the Gods filled their bellies. Satisfied at last, the Gods drifted asleep. Hailed as the pinnacle of all forces, The Cultists too were put at rest with the promise of an everlasting deep slumber... in peace... UNTIL NOW; The Cultists have risen in Starscape