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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The council is a quest NPC first implemented in the [[April Fool's Event 2022] to give players the Miner Carrier Waspinator.

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"Quest Wasp" gives the player Quest #20224 -- The council, which requires the player to retrieve 1 Alien Device, 7 Armoured Plates, 2 Ascension Crystal, and 7 Million Credits. The quest would reward players a Waspinator ship upon completion.


The Entrance can be found in Terminal A in the Mega Base inside the roof behind the library, then the player is teleported to a large area which is 650k studs away from Mega Base making it hard for the player to move around, the player then has to overcome a small obby before entrance in the "Wasp Heaven" can be achieved.

Quest Dialogue

Quest Wasp: "Who are you..."

Player: "..."

Quest Wasp: "How did you get..."

Player: "..."

Quest Wasp: "Nevermind that, do you wish to receive the power of the council?"

Player: "Yes."

Quest Wasp: "You must prove it by bringing me some stuff to show you are worthy. Give me 7 Million and some other minor things."

You have a new quest: The council-- Quest #20224 appears in Quest Menu

Note that all secondary options (those that come after "or") will end the quest dialogue at that point.

Quest Submission:

Quest Wasp: "Do you have the items?"

Player: "Yes."

Quest Wasp: "The council accepts you."


  • This quest's credit price increased dramatically after its release due to the ship being mass-purchased.