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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships and can be built on the build menu.

The Theia is an extremely powerful Glass Cannon PVP-oriented Super Capital Ship


The Theia is a PVP ship capable of dishing out enormous amounts of damage in a short time with its Spinals and Turrets.

The Theia has a module "Spinal Array"


The Theia is an extremely long and slender Super Capital Ship that has many defining features including its "Power Core" located visibly in the middle of the ship as a large blue orb and 2 engines accompanying it on the sides. Its long Spinal barrel in the front taking almost 1/3 of the length of the Ship. An extremely large single engine located at the back of the ship almost being as large as its spinal barrel. The overall appearance of this ship makes it look like a large gun with engines attached to it than a ship.

The Interior of the Theia is a rather small but detailed room. When you first enter, it has a stairs with two Computers beside that lead to the pilot's seat. Inside the pilot seat room, there is a large black screen with the logo of the Event Horizon Shipyards on each end of it citing its Manufacturer. It has the same color scheme as other ships by Event Horizon Shipyards such as the Osiris.


  • Fast turn speed for a Super Capital Ship, and even faster than many Dreadnoughts.
  • Doesn't have many blind spots.
  • Nearly triple the spinal DPS of the Oblivion, with almost equal turret DPS.
  • Spinal and Turret damage output are insane, both making up almost each half of the Theia's DPS.
  • Extremely high DPS. The Theia is the highest DPS ship in Galaxy, with the exception of the Prototype X-2 having higher DPS at 5% or more loyalty.
  • Spinals are packed close together, making them easier to land.
  • Decent speed and acceleration allows it to outpace many Dreadnoughts.


  • Lowest total health out of all Super Capital Ships, at 55,000 HP.
  • Can be difficult to use alone due to the low health for a Super Capital.
  • Difficult to obtain or re-obtain due to extremely expensive cost of SC permits.
  • A little over half of its DPS relies on Spinal aiming, which can be difficult because of the low maneuverability.
  • Rather inaccurate turrets are (mostly) incapable of hitting anything smaller than a Battleship.
  • Limited effective range with the turrets and low HP for a Super Capital ends up making this ship unsuitable for sieging.


  • Use the ship while solo only if you are confident that you won't die. Always have a fleet with you.
  • Make sure to not attack Fleets or Starbases without a fleet of your own.
  • Use the extremely high firepower of this ship to focus and destroy capital ships like Battleships or Dreadnoughts in ridiculous speeds.
  • Pay attention and check the Minimap often to make sure you're not about to be ambushed. Your low health and status as a Super Capital Ship means you must always avoid damage as much as possible.
  • It is not a good idea to siege with this ship because of its low health and limited range.
  • When fighting, stay pointed exactly in line with other Super Capital Ships in fights so that all your weapons have a line of sight.
  • Act as an extra pile of guns and not a flagship. The Theia can do tremendous amounts of damage, but being targeted greatly increases your chances of being destroyed.
  • Use the high firepower on this ship to dive and chase down vulnerable or isolated Capital Ships.
  • Know when to warp away, judging by the DPS of the other ships targeting you, or when your shield drops to dangerous levels.

Version History

  • Added in .66b
  • Price heavily reduced from 11 million to 2 million in .66b
  • Due to meshing issues in .67c, this ship was partly invisible.
  • Received a remodel in version .67f.
  • 3 Large Phasers removed in version .69e.
  • Shields/Hull reduced from 11500/10000 to 9000/9000, turn speed increased from 0.1 to 0.13, top speed increased from 50 to 53, cargo hold reduced from 2500 to 2350, turret loadout changed to 1 Huge Quad Laser, 2 Huge Triple Cannons, 1 Huge Triple Laser, 2 Capital Triple Lasers, 2 Capital Triple Cannons, spinals changed to 6/6 Huge Phasers/Cannons, description changed and re-released to the build menu in version .72c12, now requiring one "SC Build Permit" and regular materials to create.
  • Shields/Hull increased from 9000/9000 each to 10000/10000 in version .73d7.
  • Taken offsale along with the rest of the Super Capitals in version .75a5 to reduce permit prices.
  • Shields/Hull reduced to 9500/9500 in version .75a.
  • Spinals unmultigunned, 10 Huge Phaser -> 16, phaser interval 0.1 -> 0.05, custom spinal reload .75a12


  • Theia is also the name of the Greek goddess Theia which is also named Euryphaessa.
  • The first person to lose this ship was someguy3333333333 to HydroRider's Prototype X-2
  • The original model appeared to have Super Capital Turrets on each side, which were actually spinal barrels.
  • Had a random ~120 DPS nerf for a week or so in version .75a before returning to normal.
  • The ship's description was formerly "The Sister ship of the Hyperion, due to the Hyperion lacking in close range combat the OSY developed its counterpart for close ranged combat. Unmatched firepower amongst its class.", before it was changed upon release of the ship to the build menu in version .72c12.
  • Previous images of the meshing issues are shown below: