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Super Capital Ship

This ship is classified as a Super Capital. It is one of the most powerful Capital Ships.

The Thubjugator is a Theia with the durability and auxiliary shields of the Subjugator.


This ship is equivalent to or stronger than the Prototype-class Super Capitals in terms of firepower and durability, being effectively a Theia and Subjugator fused together. For the same reason, it is also a unique ship. It is obtained by contacting a Galaxy admin for this ship when you finish legitimately obtaining a total of 150 million Credits, which will then be taken from you in exchange for the ship when the transaction is complete.


The appearance is identical to that of the Theia, besides the ShieldSides being present.


  • Massive health pool and auxiliary shields allow you to soak a lot of damage.
  • Extremely high firepower with the turrets and spinals allow you to crush just about every other capital ship there is within the game.
  • Enemies may flee just from seeing the ship spawn.
  • Currently can be obtained at any time, so long as you have the money for it and can contact an admin.


  • The most expensive ship to date, at an outstanding cost of 150 million Credits. This ship will be an extremely high value target in any situation.
  • Extremely high cost means losing the ship will make obtaining one again very difficult and time-consuming.
  • Inaccurate turrets allow the ship to be easily swarmed by small, nimble ships.


  • It is in your best interest to not trust anyone, given the rarity and expense of the ship.
  • Always fly in fleets. A lone Thubjugator is prone to being targeted by many people at once.
  • It may be a wise idea to instead treat this ship as a trophy ship if you do happen to own it, because of how valuable of a target it is.
  • This ship can work in sieges, but it does better in ship-to-ship combat; and more specifically, destroying other capital ships.
  • If you must use this ship, always use it with caution.


  • The first, and also currently the only ship to be a "fusion" of two ships, that being the Theia and the Subjugator.
  • The cost of $150,000,000 is a record high cost for any obtainable item or ship in the history of Galaxy.
  • Was originally intended for NOCHOZ, a player who was willing to spend 940,000 Robux (about $9,400 USD) for it.
  • Has crazy combat reward of 3 million when killed.
  • Considered by some to be a "No-Lifer" achievement to obtain this ship, due to the amount of time needed to gain the required credits for it legitimately.

Version History

  • Added in an unknown version.