Toyota AE85

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

Admin-Only Ship

This ship is classified as an Admin Ship and can only be used by Galaxy Staff.
This ship class is unobtainable and can only be given via the :addship command.

The Toyota (AE85) is an Admin Ship.


The Toyota AE85 is an admin ship that looks like a Toyota AE85 and has two seats; One for a passenger and the other for the driver/pilot. It has unique wheels and a nice looking red trail following it. This ship has been removed from the game.


The Toyota AE85's interior looks like a regular car interior. The pilot seat is behind a steering wheel and there is a passenger seat next to it.


  • Very high damage resistance. (95%)
  • Works well with Eurobeat music (e.g. "Deja Vu").
  • Very fast; even faster than the Revenue.


  • No weapons.
  • Somewhat low health.


  • Make every pilot jealous that you have a car in Galaxy.
  • Fly around at the speed of light dodging every laser that tries to hit you.

Version History

  • Removed along with most of the Admin Ships in version .62a1.
  • Added back in .73a1, with a reduction to its maximum speed due to speed restrictions


  • This ship is designed to match and named after the Toyota AE85.
  • Using Admin commands, you can use a different version (AE86 Trueno) of the Toyota. This model is made by OChaosWarrioro. (Unknown if this works: Asked for both AE85 & AE86 in Galaxy Development and was told it didn't exist 6/11/20)