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The Typhoon is a fast fighter-class ship that is carried aboard the Stormbringer.


The Typhoon is a dedicated shield breaker that also has some cannons available on the side, much like its parent ship. It is also designed to be the polar opposite of the Blitz, a fighter carried aboard the Borealis, a carrier which is (not coincidentally) the opposite of the Stormbringer.


The Typhoon's appearance is similarly styled to that of its parent ship, sporting a mostly greyscale colour scheme with neon orange accents. As with many smaller ships in the game, it bears a resemblance to a real-life plane, specifically a fighter jet. There is not much in the way of an interior. A simplistic seat inside a pass-through cockpit windshield on the stern of the ship.


  • Capable of dealing both hull and shield damage, due to it having both cannons and phasers, however it boasts far more phasers than cannons.
  • Low spinal cooldown.
  • Very high firepower.
  • 6 of these fighters are carried on each Stormbringer, providing capacity for fighter swarms.


  • No turrets.
  • Purely spinal-based weaponry requires good aim to deal any damage at all.
  • Below average health which allows them to be swept aside quicker.


  • The Typhoon replaced the Wrath upon its addition in the 3rd remodel of the Stormbringer, the Wrath belonging to the 2nd.
  • A storm becomes a Typhoon if it becomes powerful enough, which explains the name of the fighter.

Version History

  • Added in version (?), replacing the Wrath as the Stormbringer's unique fighter following the latter's 3rd remodel.
  • Health increased (250/250 -> 300/300) .75a12