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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

Incomplete Images

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The Tyrant was a planned Super Capital ship planned to release during Beta. However, it was deemed to be way too overpowered and ended up being scrapped.


The Tyrant has a similar shape to Hyperion, but with different decoration and color scheme.


It's a gray box with a driver seat in it.


  • Insanely overpowered, able to kill Prototype X-1 and Prototype X-2 without falling below 6k shield.
  • Insane alpha damage. Tyrant Cannon is able to do almost 4k damage against a hulled Super Capital.
  • Insanely high health. Only Subjugator with ShieldSides is able to beat Tyrant in health.
  • Nobody would dare to fight this ship with anything larger than a Battleship.


  • Cannot fire all its turrets unless it is facing its enemy, making Tyrant lose a big chunk of its DPS in actual battles.
  • Incredibly inaccurate turrets, as they can miss even when fighting against a Super Capital.
  • Swarms are the biggest counter to a Tyrant.
  • Sluggish like almost all other Super Capitals.


  • Nobody would dare to fight against a Tyrant in anything larger than a Battleship. If there are foolish people who oppose the Tyrant with large ships, atomize them with its bullishly overpowered DPS.
  • A Tyrant is able to take out 2 Super Capitals at once, but 3 or more Super Capitals would spell its demise.
  • 3 very high firepower Dreadnoughts such as Retro Prototype X-1 and Osiris are able to barely kill a Tyrant if the Tyrant takes the nuke damage.
  • Tyrant struggle greatly to hit anything smaller than a Battleship. Think before warping into a swarm of small ships.

Version History

  • Added in an unknown version in Beta as an admin exclusive testing ship.
  • Removed in an unknown version in Beta.


  • This ship was added to the game for a while as a test ship exclusive to admins.
  • The Tyrant ended up being scrapped and never released to the public.
  • One of the few ships that can 1v1 an Eradicator and win.