U.N.E Starbase

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The U.N.E Starbase is the inhabited replacement of the Abandoned U.N.E Base.


The U.N.E Starbase is a Starbase owned by the U.N.E. Prior to version .71a, it simply served as a spawning location for the Sovereign-X, as well as the vending location of the Subjugator. As of version .71a, however, its purpose has been completely overhauled. It now has an expansive interior and even its own team. This team is unique in that war cannot be declared on it, meaning new players can mine safely without having to worry about being pirated by other players, and is rarely assimilated via territory.


The U.N.E Starbase was reconditioned from the Abandoned UNE Base due to the threat of the Kneall Stronghold getting closer to the playable area every passing second.

Version History

  • Added in version .69??
  • Received an interior remodel, made the main Starbase for the U.N.E team, 10 Triple Heavy Cannons replaced with 6 Heavy Flak Cannons and 4 Capital Triple Lasers, Shields increased to 100000 and Hull increased to 25000 in version .71a.
  • Gained two more terminals in version .74b[?], leading to the amount of docks being increased to 12.


  • It is one of the only Starbases other than the Mega Base that can't be assimilated.
  • The U.N.E Starbase can be destroyed by Aliens.
  • The U.N.E Starbase has the second highest total Shield health of any Starbase in the game, as well as the second highest total combined health points, only falling short of the Mega Base.
  • Created by GalaxyOrigins & SpaceFighterBoss.