Unarmed Envoy

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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

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The Unarmed Envoy was a small, limited remake of the Dropship Destroyer that uses a reskinned old model, and is a Destroyer-Fighter hybrid, eventually removed once it stopped spawning on the Lucifer Station.


The Unarmed Envoy was a Fighter with no weapons whatsoever. It is meant purely for distracting bases or to scout what ships the enemy faction has. Its model is based on the old model of the Dropship, but with a few changes, mostly recoloring. This ship could have been found on Lucifer Station, but it and the Dragonfly were replaced by the Striker and Xenophile.


The back of The Unarmed Envoy has two large benches containing six seats in total. The cockpit has a small pilot's seat.


  • Has high health for a ship of its class.
  • Quite fast, despite its slow acceleration.


  • Has slow acceleration compared to other fighters.
  • Weakest fighter in the game, this is because it has no weapons, as expected for a ship of its name.


  • Use the Fighter's manageable speed to scout out enemy bases or distract enemy ships.

Version History

  • Received a buff in .64d? that increased this Fighter's Hull and Shields by 300 each, and another buff that gave it one Light Flak Cannon, which made the name confusing.
  • Started spawning on Lucifer Station in .65b.
  • 1 Light Flak Cannon removed in version .69a2, which once again made the ship true to its name.
  • Stopped spawning on Lucifer Station in version .73b, along with the Dragonfly, this marked this ship's removal from the game.


  • The Unarmed Envoy once had 1 Light Flak Cannon, which was ironic considering it's name is the Unarmed Envoy.
  • The spawner used to be broken.