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The U.N.E. Flag


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The U.N.E are one of the only three AI Factions in the game, the other two being the Pirates and the Kneall/Aliens. The U.N.E is also the only AI Faction in the game that is passive towards players.

The U.N.E's base of operations is a Starbase called the U.N.E Starbase and has a navy blue color along with the territory it occupies.

Any ships affiliated with the U.N.E faction will have a Navy Blue color to them and will attack any ship that is affiliated with Pirates or Aliens, at a minimum of 13,000 studs away from them.

New players who have just started playing Galaxy will be automatically be joined inside the U.N.E faction so as to have protection from Pirating.


  • U.N.E cannot have a player leader and cannot be warred by any factions, no matter the circumstances.
  • U.N.E Starbases and ships DO NOT spawn in private servers and only do spawn in public servers.
  • U.N.E Starbases can assimilate NPC Bases but NOT Player Starbases.
  • Strangely, the U.N.E Starbase can be assimilated, given enough territory from a faction.

U.N.E Fleet

The U.N.E ships that currently spawn naturally are the following:

The U.N.E ships that currently don't spawn naturally are the following:

Ship Stats

U.N.E Ships tend to focus on shield damage.

U.N.E Ships
U.N.E Ship Shield Hull Top Spd. Accel. Turn Spd. Turret DPS Spinal DPS Explosion Radius Notes:
Chimera-S 2,150 1,450 125 35 0.45 72 0 3 Spawns in groups
Orion-X 4,200 2,100 180 45 0.6 54 123 150 Spawns in groups
U.N.E. Nisos 5,000 4,550 75 21 0.38 66 224 80 Doesn't Spawn
Sovereign-X 8,100 8,000 100 23 0.6 147 81 60 Spawns
Judgement 25,000 3,000 45 5 0.1 162 0 780 Doesn't Spawn
U.N.E Subjugator 57,500 43,000 100 15 0.2 310 0 1,000 Doesn't Spawn

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