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Congratulations! You have found my User page.

I hope you find this page helpful in whatever you may be looking for.

If you need to contact me elsewhere, you may try my profile on the Roblox Wiki or on the Wiki Discord server, where I have push-notifications enabled.

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Disclaimer: I am not part of the Galaxy Staff. I have jurisdiction over the Wiki, not the game itself.

Roblox - General

Here is a list of some of my most often-played games on Roblox. I am NOT trying to use this section as an advertisement for these games. I just want to share some of the games I most enjoy on Roblox.


Base Wars(D8Dev)

Miner's Haven(berezaa Games™)

Car Crushers 2(Car crushers official group)

Armored Patrol (v9.5)(@ArmoredPatrolHero)

Some of my past favorites also include Build Your Own Mech (sharky99); Lumber Tycoon 2 (Defaultio); and Theme Park Tycoon 2 (Den_S), among others seen in my profile's "Favorites" list.

There are many more games I enjoy on Roblox, but I chose these because they are some of the ones that I most often play. Of course, this is simply my opinion. Just because I like these games doesn't mean that they are the best games on Roblox. People are entitled to their own opinions, and I am not one to change others' views (unless those views happen to be harmful to people in the real world).

That got off topic fast :P


Currently, my main "quest," as it may be called, while playing Galaxy is to collect every ship in the game. I know it's not necessarily anything unique to do, but I have been through a lot of mining and trading to get the money for all of these ships. I keep a spreadsheet of every ship I own so as to track my progress. It also helps me see which ships may have been removed or temporarily disabled in new updates.

If you ever see me in-game, I will usually be on a peaceful faction, or I will have created my own. If I need to do work for the Wiki, I will usually be on my own faction called "Calm before the Storm" with the cyan color. I may also just use "---" or "..." if I need to get into a faction quickly. If I am in another faction, it will almost always be called "Citrus Attack" and either orange, yellow, or green. It may also be a color-based fruit alliteration (for example, my yellow faction may be "Ludicrous Lemons").

Fandom Wiki (Old)

Did you know that my first contribution to the Fandom wiki was, outside of an insignificant change to the Sentaliz page, the creation of the page for the Falcon fighter? I was desperate to find the stats when it first came out, and when I found no information on the wiki, I decided to contribute whatever I could find about the Falcon in-game so there was at least a minimal outline.

On the wiki, I was mainly working towards the "Absolute Legend" badge (and all of the badges that are earned before it). As of 01/09/2022 (MM/DD/YYYY), I'm on day 365 of 365! I've also managed to keep a 257 daily reward streak in other games. Other than working on badges, I've been trying to correct grammar problems or update outdated pages rather than only adding new stuff. Every edit counts!

My daily work on the wiki usually consists of edits to keep pages up-to-date or to correct peoples' mistakes. I also work on improving images for ships on the wiki, and you can find me listed as the creator for many ship icon images or images of newer content.

On 5/31/18, I made at least 108 total edits to ship pages across the Wiki within a few hours.

On 6/12/18, I made my 1000th edit to the wiki (though technically I had only made 716 edits to article-style pages by that point).

On 7/30/18, I became an official Bureaucrat of the Wiki!

I managed a 159 daily edit streak by 9/5/18, but global time zones cursed me to be unable to continue that streak until past the daily reset for the timer.

I nearly made it to 166 days in a row by Memorial Day of 2019, but it turns out that editing badge images doesn't count as "contributing to the wiki."

I got to around 241 days in a row during March of 2020, but the distractions of current events and schoolwork kept me from even thinking about editing until it was too late.

At 11:06 UTC (GMT), 9/10/18 I achieved 1,666 edits ;) (not that I live in that time zone. I used it because I don't)

On 1/10/20, I passed a whopping 5,000 edits since joining the Galaxy Wiki.

On 2/23/20, I had exactly 3333 edits on "article"-style pages.

On 9/18/21, I surpassed 10,000 overall edits with over 5,400 of those being on "article" pages alone; others include edits to MediaWiki pages, templates, user pages, and other non-main namespace items.

On 1/09/22, I achieved my long-time goal of earning the Absolute Legend badge that requires users to make edits on the wiki 365 days in a row.

You should check out the Galaxy Lore page. There isn't a ton there yet, but I'm sure more will be added. (eventually)

Want to see random facts about the Wiki? See Special:Statistics

Wiki - To Do

  • Consistency between ship pages -- All pages must conform to Example Ship Page formatting
    • Bold ship name / class - Leviathan page is a good example - in synopsis (make sure ships actually have a "synopsis" thing first). Bold ship name in description (like Apoc page)
    • Add "version history" section (many ships, even though they've been changed, still don't have this section)
    • Make sure that all turrets are organized according to the Example Ship Page formatting (also, "Flak" should be Flak Cannon) (use Light turret, not small turret [except for miners])
    • Pictures - consistent faction colors / updated turrets and turret placement
    • Make sure all pages have the ship navbox, but NOT the table of contents (__NOTOC__)
    • Make sure the "__NOTOC__" text has consistent placing on the pages (bottom of all page code)
    • Make sure titles are all "The (ship name)"
    • Split description and interior sections accordingly
    • Fighter class ships in general have very inconsistent formatting, especially in the infobox
    • Ship archetype categories and class categories need updated descriptions (as seen on "Ships" page)
    • Fix accreditation wherever necessary (Thanks to users like Noahbeansie, Digitalson, etc. for raising awareness of issues)

Non-Ship Pages to work on:

Ores and Materials Diplomacy Menu Commands Mining
Ships Fighter Swarming Archetypes Strategies
Artifacts Aliens (pictures / stats) Pirates (pictures / stats) Money Making
Special:AncientPages Consolidate some short pages Player Factions

Special starbase pages (UNE, Derelict, Freedom, Mothership, etc.)

game mechanics stuff in general (some pages are unfinished / not well made)

Add ship symbols to some sort of page? In infobox? (could also show ship symbol size for that specific ship)

Check "browse" list for other pages / check that all pages are in "browse"

The pages seen below need to be kept up to date

Ships and Prices Sorted by Warehouse Level


Other Projects

Apart from my work on the Wiki, one of my biggest "projects" currently involves creating/coding new instruments into the game "Starbound". My first new instrument was a trombone, as I chose that instrument in my school's band class. It initially copied most of the existing trumpet instrument files, but I hope to have a full unique sound roster for it eventually.

If you have the game and are interested in modding things yourself, it is incredibly easy and surprisingly intuitive to do. The game itself comes with a built in assets unpacker (as an application file - e.g. .exe for windows). It can usually be found in the system files for Starbound (e.g. "win32" or "win64"), which are found within the steam assets, assuming you purchased the game through that platform. The application can then be run through a standard command prompt to unpack the ".pak" files in the Starbound assets. From there, you can edit individual files with any simple text editor. Even Notepad (no "plus" necessary) works. You can then copy and paste edited files (with all directories/parent folders! These are important for the game to recognize what is being changed!) to the "mods" folder created when the game is installed. If everything is done correctly, the modded assets should appear when you click on the copper-colored gear at the bottom right of the title screen of the game.

I've also recently looked into mods for the mobile/Steam game Mindustry. I mostly want to edit existing mods to fix some of their bugs or missing features, but I'll probably need to get the Steam version for full capabilities since modding on a phone is very inconvenient...