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SeaswimmerTheFsh is a Galaxypedia Staff Member!

I'm SeaswimmerTheFsh, otherwise known as littlemineblox123.


The Beginning

In late 2016, I found a Roblox game named "Galaxy." I decided to try it out, but quit almost immediately, due to me losing a Wyrm to a Pirate Avenger, while doing the Luca Sky Quest.

A few days later, I revisited the game and found a link in the game description to something called "Galaxy Arcade."

The Arcade Era

Starting on the 5th of November, 2016, I played exclusively Galaxy Arcade. I eventually bought my first gamepass ship, that being the Ridgebreaker. I would occasiaonally revisit Galaxy, but I'd quickly get bored of it again and go back to Arcade, where I spent approximately 7,000 Robux in total on ship gamepasses, with some of my favorites at the time being Apocalypse, Nemesis, and Leviathan. I gained little to no skill during this period, as Arcade required very little skill. Eventually, I assembled my first faction, that being The Stardust Crusaders. This was my first experience as the leader of a faction. Then, one day, I got a DM from 1_Fast, the Admin Director at the time, on Discord.

Realization / Discord Moderator Era

In late 2020, I was nominated for a Discord Moderator position by 1_Fast in the Official Galaxy Discord Server. This was my first time getting to know the majority of the Galaxy Community, and was the time where I made most of my friends, such as rayster243, Dream Reaper, and asd1232468, who were, at the time, Galaxy Admins. This was also when I realized how much Arcade, frankly, sucks, so I began to play Galaxy again. Then, one day, I got a DM from the Mod Manager at the time, that being Mastroy, that I had been demoted, for being "useless and a hindrance to the mod team." Then, a few days later, I said some choice words to rcouret and got permanently banned from the Galaxy Discord. Yes, I am aware that SuperChip15 downgraded my permanent ban to a 3 day ban. I was not aware of this at the time, and was not notified.


After my permanent ban, I quit the game for about three or four months. Nothing really happened in this time period, I didn't really play either version.

Return to Galaxy

In early 2021, I returned to the game. I began being an active contributor on the now deprecated Official Galaxy Wikia, and was a somewhat active community member in unofficial Galaxy discords. Eventually, I was promoted to Wiki Editor. Nothing really happened after that during this period, until....

The Galaxypedia Era / Present

One day, in late 2021, I was messaged by Sugondese, asking if I would like to become Galaxypedia Staff on the new Wiki he was creating, called the Galaxypedia. I happily accepted, and I've been a part of this community since.