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Smallketchup82 is a Galaxypedia Staff Member!

Hi! I'm smallketchup82. I'm the owner of the Galaxypedia, alongside Explodabat. I handle all of the backend business, the staff team, the site's administration, and the styling of the Galaxypedia.

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Programming & Career

I program mainly Javascript as it is the Programming Language I am the most fluent in. I currently own and program the Galaxy Wiki Discord Bot on the Official Roblox Galaxy Wiki Discord Server.

I also program KetchupBot101 which is run by the Galaxy Wiki Discord Bot. More info on its purpose can be found on its profile page

History & Past Projects

for the record this is incredibly outdated and could use a rewrite, but im very lazy

For all my life, I had been in front of technology. As a child, my parents would be at work for 80% of the day so they couldn't play toys with me. My sister was in high school so she never had the time to play with me either. To compensate for this, I watched TV and would go onto my Laptop when I felt like watching YouTube or playing some kiddy flash games. I strongly feel like me growing up around tech and getting most of my entertainment from tech helped fuel my passion for it. So thats how programming and techy stuff became my passion, but now onto my history with programming.

I got into programming since I was in 5th Grade, I made my first ever piece of code on my school's chromebook. It was very simple HTML code that when opened with a browser, showed a grid of buttons that had hyperlinks in them so on click you would be redirected to a new tab with the site that was described in the button's text. I had copy and pasted most of the code from the internet. As I got older, I wrote more and more of HTML, using various documentation sites, mostly W3Schools. By Grade 6, I knew how to build websites with HTML. I spent most of Grade 7 learning CSS and how to use it alongside HTML. I became very experienced within HTML and CSS by the end of Grade 7 (which takes us to the summer of 2020). But the one thing I lacked at the time was to get started with JavaScript. So I wrote my first complete website (did not host cuz poor). The objective of the site was to have multiple textboxes on the page, each to be different. When you clicked one, it would copy some copypasta to your clipboard for you to send. I succeeded and dropped it. That was my first time actually programming something that wasn't a test. It was original code that I wrote using only documentaton. I still have the file on my computer, but it doesn't work because I tried to move the JavaScript to its own seperate file but accidentally made the file extension '.java' and not '.js', the website does not work even if I change it a JS file. During the summer of 2020, I had set out to do the most challenging thing I've ever done.. Make a Discord Bot using Node.js. I used the discord.js documentation and worked on the bot throughout all of the summer. It became just what I had wanted it to be, I loved it and the experience of making the bot and having fun with the bot and my friends. I eventually abanoned this project at the end of the summer because school is trashy. Not too long after though, in november of 2020, I had proposed to Explodabat that I made a discord bot primarily for our Wiki. It would make our lives as Wiki Staff a lot easier and it would help our members by providing them with things like searching for pages on our Wiki directly from our Discord and eventually become capable of editing the Wiki directly from our discord server under the use of Staff. Explode gave me the green light and yname told me that he'd let me host it on his server 24/7. Shortly after setting up the bot, I had told myself that I abandoned my last Discord Bot because its code got too messy and that I had let my creativity drop, resulting in me not having any good ideas for updates. I swore to myself that this bot would not end up like the last bot and that I will always update it with things that will make it 10x better than the last version. Until it also got messy and we abandoned the Galaxy Wiki so I abandoned the bot in favour of a new bot which uses Discord.js v13

Fun fact: the server running the Galaxypedia is called comet. I currently have two servers, Comet and Eclipse. Comet is my primary server and runs most of my services, while Eclipse helps to take load off of Comet.