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This page serves as a reference for the Galaxy Exchange rules and regulations for users that may not have access to the original copy on the Galaxy Discord.

Original post by Admin Director 1_Fast

We will be allowing owners of the GALAXY and FREEDOM GALAXY miners to exchange them with certain restrictions. Please note that this is NOT MANDATORY and you are welcome to keep your Galaxy/Freedom Galaxy if you wish to do so.


  1. Only the Galaxy and Freedom Galaxy can be exchanged.
  2. Only SHIPS will be given in return. No credits, materials, etc.
  3. The account that GIVES is the account that GETS (no cross-account exchanges)
  4. The :cost command will be used to determine what ships can be exchanged. (Full cost, materials + manufacturing)
  5. rcouret has mandated a MINIMUM 10% loss in value for the user requesting the exchange.
    • This means that, for example, if the :cost command says that a Galaxy is worth 600k, you can request ships with a total cost of 90% of that, or 540k.
  6. No super capitals can be received in the exchange, regardless of cost.
  7. Only ships which were or currently are INTENTIONALLY on the build menu can be received in the exchange.

How to Exchange:

Use the following format in the #galaxy-exchanges channel. Please note that slowmode is enabled to prevent spam, so try to send everything at once. If you forget something, remember that you can edit your message.


Username: ExchangeUser123

Giving: Freedom Galaxy

Requesting: Leviathan & Ridgebreaker

If your request breaks the guidelines in some way, you will be notified so that the issue can be resolved. If the request is processed successfully it will be deleted from the channel.