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Removed from Game

This content used to be in the game but has since been removed or disabled.

The V-22 Osprey-S is a unique Fighter based on its real life counterpart; The V-22 Osprey and is some of the only Turret-equipped Fighters in the game.


The V-22 Osprey-S is a Fighter exclusive to the Nimitz that has two different fighter variants; the V-22 OSPREY - S, and the V-22 OSPREY-H. Unlike it's counterpart, this fighter has turboprop engines attached to each ends of its wings. The Fighter can carry up to 11 Players due to its seat count.

The Fighter has powerful spinal weaponry and 2 accurate Gatling Lasers for hunting down small ships and capital ships alike.


The V-22 Osprey-H has an appearance identical to that of the The V-22 Osprey.

The Interior features 2 parts, the first one being a detailed cargo bay with 5 seats on both sides and at the end of the cargo bay, lies a Fire Extinguisher attached to a wall with the caption above saying, "Break during Hell Invasion", and the second one being the Pilot seat and lies a detailed cockpit showing controls and radar.


  • Great health for a Fighter.
  • High firepower in both its spinals and turrets.
  • Able to effectively engage in combat with both large and small ships due to its variety of weapons.


  • Only 1 spawns on the Nimitz.
  • Slower and less maneuverable than most Fighters.
  • Large, and can be easily shot down by most AA ships.


  • Support your fleet or Carrier with this fighter. You can easily defend against fleets when used along with the Nimitz and it's other fighters.
  • Swarm large or small ships with your other fighters.


  • Unlike it's real life counterpart, this version cannot tilt it's rotors.
  • One of the only fighters with a detailed interior.
  • It's variant; The V-22 OSPREY - H is nearly identical in all aspects except the spinals and the engines located on the end of each wings.