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The Valiant is a turret-focused Battlecruiser.


The Valiant is an AA (anti air) Battlecruiser that deals decent damage with its Turrets. It has a red trail.


The interior of the Valiant is accessed by a teleport pad in the top middle of the ship. It then has a short walkway to the pilot seat, with a miniature control panel and a windshield. Both the windshield and the color scheme inside depends on the color of the team.


  • Decent speed for a Battlecruiser.
  • Overall good damage output.
  • Great versatility, having the ability to cover many roles such as PvP, support, and so on.
  • Small and durable, a rare combo for Battlecruisers.
  • Great stopping power against similarly sized ships.
  • High turn speed and small size make it very hard to hug the vulnerable bottom.
  • Cheap.


  • Vulnerable rear, though this may not be a problem due to its turn speed.
  • You have to be in a precise angle to use all of your Turrets.


  • Keep people in your turret line of sight, and try and get in their blind spot.
  • Keep moving at full speed at all times to avoid getting shot by enemies.

Version History

  • Added in .65a6.
  • Top speed increased to 130, turn speed increased to 0.59, acceleration increased to 29, lost 2 Light Flak Cannons and received a remodel in version .68e.
  • Turret loadout changed to 2 Lykos Defense Lasers and 1 Lykos Defense Cannon in version .72c20.
  • Shields and Hull buffed from 1450 to 1500 and 1250 to 1300 respectively, as well as gaining a 3rd Medium Phaser and another Lykos Defense Cannon in version .72d
  • Shield 2750 -> 2850, Hull from 3100 -> 4050 .76d36


  • The original model was based on the Rocinante from the TV show The Expanse.
  • Was previously broken due to mesh displacement.
  • Not possible to walk from the end of the terminal dock to the back of the ship, as half your body will be impaled in the ship, resulting in you falling off. The best option is to either use the teleport menu or jump right onto the teleporter.
The cockpit of the old Valiant model.
Broken interior of the old Valiant.