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The Vanguard is a mid-size and speedy Battleship/Dreadnought-Carrier hybrid.


The Vanguard is a very compact Carrier and the smallest in the game. It has low Turret and Fighter firepower and is commonly used as a support Carrier. The outside appears very armored, but it has rather low health for a Carrier-class ship.

This Carrier contains 3 Falcons.


When you enter the ship through the right hangar, there will be a command room to the right. Inside the command room, there is a pilot seat and some control panels.


  • Smaller than some other Carriers, about the size of the average Dreadnought; if not a little smaller, but has the benefit of being the fastest and most agile Carrier in the game, even being faster than most Battleships and can be very annoying to chase and/or maintain constant positional advantage for larger ships.
  • Versatile Turrets and powerful Spinals.
  • Durable Fighters.
  • Relatively cheap to equip all fighters with AI pilots, only costing 500 robux since anyone who buys this will have VIP which gives you a free AI fighter.


  • Only has 2 Falcons.
  • If carriers with a better fighter fleet are available, use of this ship is impractical as there is only one Carrier allowed per team.
  • Large blind-spot below the ship.
  • Spinals can be hard to aim due to the large gap between the position of the two spinals.
  • Lowest health of all Carriers, but still significantly better than several of the available Dreadnoughts.
  • While cheap, it has a very high warehouse level requirement to build.


  • A very powerful ship for killing Miners or Freighters with since you can deploy the Y.Falcons to distract the Starbase and destroy other ships while the base is distracted.
  • Do not use the Vanguard in a siege unless no one else has a Carrier, as only one is allowed per faction.
  • Use the Falcons the way you would use a Viper while Sieging since they are tanky but have a weak armament.

Version History

  • Received a price decrease in version .61g.
  • Received a speed buff in version .62d2
  • Received a remodel in version .65b.
  • Health increased from 1800/1600 to 4000/3500 in version .68d.
  • Removed from the build menu because of a broken model in version .71a1.
  • On sale again after version .72f
  • Shields reduced from 4000 to 3600 and hull increased from 3500 to 4800 in version .72f1 (this buff was revealed in-game).
  • Shields increased from 3600 to 6500, Top Speed reduced from 120 to 70, Acceleration increased from 15 to 35, Turn Speed reduced from 0.4 to 0.35, turret loadout changed from 3 Light Gatling Cannons, 1 Light Gatling Laser, 2 Medium Flak Cannons to 6 Triple Heavy Cannons, and 2 Dual Medium Lasers, Spinal loadout changed from 8 Medium Phasers and 6 Medium Cannons to 4 Medium spinals for phasers and cannons respectively, fighters changed from 2 Falcons to 3 Y.Falcons, Cargo Hold increased from 70 to 250, and remodeled in version .74b14.
  • Y.Falcons renamed to Falcon(When?).
  • Top speed increased from 75 to 120, turn speed adjusted to 0.3(previous value is uncertain due to outdated information, please add), 4 Medium Phasers changed to 2 Large Phasers and interval removed, 4 Medium Cannons upsized to Large, and Health changed from 6500 Shields and 4800 Hull to 5500 Shields and 5000 Hull in version .75a5.


  • The smallest Carrier in Galaxy (disputed, the ship has undergone a remodel and now has a similar size factor to the Stormbringer's current model).
  • The only Carrier in the game that spawns Falcons.
  • The Sakala uses the same description as the Vanguard.
  • The model is currently broken, so that the fighters spawn too high and are hard to enter. The model was fixed in a recent update when the Vanguard was re-released into the game.
  • Many people are upset about the recent overhaul, preferring the old version due to the speed, small size, and amazing DPS along with good health and damage resistance. Now the Vanguard is considered a mediocre carrier due to the high cost, low health, and underwhelming power.
Old Vanguard Model