Vanguard Coalition

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Vanguard Coalition is an obscure pirate faction that revels in their strength drawn from not only quantity, but individual quality and knowledge.


Vanguard Coalition was founded by Jay4444444444 (also known as Nevadan) in 2017. The clan first started off as a group of friends who would play Galaxy together, but quickly rose to have many members, a lot of which were well known and feared by the community.


This section may be outdated 3 } Prototype X-1

1 } Prototype X-2

7 } Supercapital Class Ships

2 } Lucifer

5 } Osiris

737m Destroyed Total.

"VC Burn Galaxy" Incident

08/01/2019 - 01/06/2020

"Burn Galaxy" is a VERY destructive incident in Galaxy occurring in the new age of Prototypes and Super Capital Ships. The elite division of VC, similar in concept to .SU (.skill urself), were on an Imperator, Prototype class ship, and Helios, to which they started a rampage on August 1st, 2019. They destroyed over 619~ million Credits (adjusted to inflation) worth of Ships in less than five months. Among the losses are 12 Osiris-Class Dreadnoughts (2 not inside this time period), 12 Prototype X-1s, 7 Prototype X-2's, a Skeletal Ghostealis and 35+ Lucifers.