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The Vansnova is a Spinal-based PVP Battlecruiser.


The Vansnova is a PVP ship with an energy orb in front. Its firepower comes from its energy orb that is armed with 5 Large Cannons and 5 Large Phasers. It is a Spinal-only Battlecruiser.


The Vansnova has no interior, you just go through the cockpit.


  • High health combined with excellent maneuverability.
  • Powerful spinals.
  • Can outgun most ships of its class effectively.


  • No Turrets.
  • Low HP.
  • Can be easily defeated by other Battlecruisers if the enemy pilot is skilled enough.
  • Only able to shoot from the front of the ship, so if other ships attack from the top, bottom, left, right, or back, the ship is undefended.


  • Aim the Spinals where the enemy is going to be and try to get in blind spots.
  • Always move in some random directions, as to make it harder for Spinal shots and Turret fire to hit your agile form.
  • If you have a pack of these, then you'll be able to swarm and kill most ships that dare challenge you.
  • Due to its high mobility, it can easily cover its blind spots.
  • Try to drift as much as you can so that you're always going at top speed but never going too close or too far from your target.

Version History

  • 9 Tiny Phasers buffed to 9 Small Phasers in .64d.
  • Remodeled in .66b
  • Phasers reduced from 9 barrels to 6, interval increased by 0.2 seconds in version .66b.
  • Phasers increased from 6 barrels to 8, interval decreased to "burst" in version .68e.


  • The Vansnova was based on Tempest from Starcraft 2, Heart of the Swarm.
  • The Vansnova's original name was the Visebalerioth.
  • The Vansnova has an Easter egg decal of the "One Piece" Anime at the Control Panel. It used to have another easter egg, which was the "rcouret, pls notice me" message but it later was removed for currently unknown reasons.
  • Prior to version .69d1, this ship was one of the 4 Battlecruisers that does not require a gamepass to use in Galaxy Arcade.
  • The newest model is based on a fighter spawned on the Executioner, the Hunter.
  • 4th highest DPS out of all non-event battlecruisers.
Old model