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The Vigilance is a heavy Turret-focused Battlecruiser.


The Vigilance is a large Battlecruiser that focuses on broadside weaponry.


The interior is very basic, having a seat and various plain-looking neon control panels. It is rather small and is barely tall enough for the player to stand in.


  • Cheap for a battlecruiser.
  • High health for its class.
  • The broadside-oriented loadout makes it effective in combat, especially against larger ships.
  • Its two Medium Railguns can target enemies from long distances.
  • The broadside spinals can deal high amounts of damage if used correctly.
  • High shield DPS for a Battlecruiser.


  • Pathetic Maneuverability and Acceleration, leading to the backside being highly vulnerable.
  • Its broadside profile makes it an easy target for Spinals.
  • Slow for its class.
  • Rather low Hull damage.
  • Currently has no pilot's seat.
  • A little expensive for a starter.


  • Use it as a support ship in Siege battles.
  • Do not go head to head with a smaller more maneuverable ship like a Fighter, as your slow maneuverability will leave you at a disadvantage.
  • Just like both the Osiris and Behemoth, attack broadside for all your weapons to hit your enemy.

Version History

  • Shield was buffed from 0 to 1250 in version .65b after it was added.
  • Broadside spinals added in version .66b
  • Turn Speed increased from 0.2 to 0.3, and Acceleration increased from 10 to 12.5 in version .75a5.
  • Spinal interval decreased from 0.1 -> 0 (all spinals shoot simultaneously) .75a12


  • Looked like a mini Armageddon before the Armageddon was remodeled.
  • Its Turrets are placed for a broadside position to work best when firing at a target.
  • the ship is some times thought to look like a Train.
  • This ship somewhat resembles the Galleon