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The Warden is a cheap, agile PvP Battleship with an emphasis on shield damage.


The Warden is a shield-breaker counterpart to the Hawklight, and has many similarities to its counterpart aside of the health type it excels at countering.


The Warden has a fairly interesting interior containing a teleport pad to the interior where there is control panels to the left and right of the interior, there is also a chair in the middle.



  • Target needs to be a little above for all turrets to fire.
  • Somewhat mediocre Shield health, although it is enough to be sufficient for tanking kinetic weaponry for a while.
  • Blind spot underneath.
  • Mediocre Hull damage output, although it is better than the Prowler.
  • Requires good spinal aim, as over a vast majority of the Shield damage output comes from them.


  • Extremely good at defending Starbases; the low cost makes it less likely to be focused by a fleet, and the shield shredding properties will quickly scare any attackers into retreating.
  • Use this ship to counter Cruisers, Battlecruisers, Battleships, or Dreadnoughts. It won't do well against ships much larger than itself or extremely agile ships.

Version History

  • Buffed in .66b, having its shield go from 4000 to 2750 and its hull going from 2000 to 4150, as well as its light gatling laser being changed to a Medium Flak Cannon.
  • 2 Medium Phasers and 1 Triple Heavy Cannon removed and Hull reduced to 3150 in version .69a1.
  • Explosion Size 45 ----> 270 .75a12


  • The Warden is supposed to be the Hawklight's shield-breaker counterpart.
  • Somewhat better than the Hawklight if used correctly.
  • The Warden has the same mobility as the hawklight, as well as the exact opposite weapon loadout and shield/hull.