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The Warlord is a Carrier focused more on Turret firepower than Fighters.


The Warlord is a "Rough 'n' Tumble" type of Carrier, with versatile Turrets and formidable Fighters called the Raptor. Ideal as back-line support or for facing ships head-on when it's caught in the fray.


The interior of the Warlord is a small grey room containing the pilot's seat and teleporters leading to the left and right hangars.


  • Versatile and well-placed Turrets.
  • Powerful and unique Fighters.
  • Large Cargo Hold making for an ideal (yet unconventional) Pirate ship.
  • Ability to engage in combat without the use of its fighters.
  • High Shield damage, able to fight Punishers and the Aliens it calls by itself.


  • Low Fighter count.
  • No Spinals.
  • Has 2 blind spots, specifically towards the back and bottom of the Carrier.


  • The Warlord is useful for a spearhead attack if you are accompanied by other Capital Ships.
  • Thanks to its Heavy Point Defense Lasers, it is able to defend itself from smaller ships while also being able to engage larger ships. 

Version History

  • Added in version .65b.
  • Health increased from 5750/5800 to 9100/8700, 4 light cannons replaced with 4 Heavy Point Defense Lasers in version .68d.


  • This ship, for now, has the most amount of transparent textures of any Carriers.
  • Shares an extremely heavy resemblance in terms of design to the Marauder.
  • Almost identical to the Daedalus from Stargate (Most likely the inspiration).
  • Made in The Cultist shipyards.