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The Wasp? is a "Fighter" that spawns in the Waspinator.


The Wasp? is a fighter unique to the Waspinator, an April Fool's carrier that looks like a massive Wasp. There is no visible difference between this ship and regular Wasps, though this ship has stronger stats than its Miner counterpart.


The Wasp? is very similar if not identical to the Wasp. Like the majority of fighters, there is little to no interior, as you just sit in a seat on top of the ship.


  • High health for a fighter.
  • Speedy and Agile.
  • Small build makes it hard to hit with larger Turrets.
  • Has the highest range out of any turrets in the game, at 9000 Studs.



  • Swarm enemies as the carrier, the Waspinator, has 10 of these.
  • Distract enemy turret fire as other warships attack your target.
  • Mine away Starbases at a whopping 9,000 studs away.

Version History


  • Has the longest turret range out of any playable ship in the game, at 9000 studs.
  • Extremely similar if not identical to the Wasp.
  • the ? in Wasp? is part of its name, so it may look weird in the middle of sentences.
  • The Waspinator's Galaxypedia link forwarded users to a Rickroll video during April Fool's.